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A Change is A Comin’

Every couple of months, I get my writing fever. I constantly think about writing-whether it be fiction novels, or blogging, but every so often I tell myself I will blog more, but when I find the time, I’m too tired to focus on anything and prefer to stare blankly at reality TV.

Well its that time again!!! I NEED TO POST MORE OFTEN

I’m still in the “finding” stage of blogging. Because I love writing, and it comes easily to me, I find I can write about anything (hence the variety of topics on my blog currently). I’m thinking I need to focus on a single topic. Well I’m starting with my OUR CULTURE/OUR WORLD genre of writings. There is always something brewing within our communities, there is always conversation about these issues, but sometimes the right things aren’t being discussed. Facts are presented, questions are asked, but dialogue is missing, thought provocation is absent. We’ll see how this goes. I’m going to try a month of each category, see which I like best and move on to the next stage of my blogging- “tailoring”.

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Just a lil of the TRUTH…

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A-Z Blogging Challenge

Who would’ve thought it to be difficult completing this month long challenge. I didn’t even make it through half of the alphabet on my challenge. I was overly consumed with the happenings around me, and didn’t take the time to write. I was supposed to be writing on different topics alphabetically within the month of June. The challenge is normally set in April using strategic calculation to guarantee the possibility of such.

The purpose of this challenge was for me to post more frequently. That much I accomplished, (I don’t think I’ve ever posted 9 posts a month) but I’m trying to work my way up to weekly posts. Interestingly enough I am content with the content and frequency of my blog posts. I am going to complete each letter, but as far as the time frame goes, I’m not strapping on those restraints. I am up for other blogging challenges. This was fun, and forced me to focus and use creative wording.

Be on the lookout for my continuation of the alphabet and my newest interest in blogging challenges.

Just a lil bit of the Truth…


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Hair, Our Hair

Since the times of Madame CJ Walker (maybe even earlier than that), Black women have had a strong interest in their mane. Her development of hair care products for black women was revolutionary. Now it may be that this affection we have for our hair comes from a desire to be accepted by or assimilated with the cultures and appearances of our European masters. Wanting our hair to be “fried, dyed and laid to the side” to be deemed beautiful and presentable, worthy to be looked upon, comes from slave mentality. Our culturally spirited broken ancestors instilled in us the maintenance of our hair, passing down the beliefs and practices of “good hair”.

There are several blogs, song and movies about our hair, excepting our hair, loving ourselves as God made us, and so on. This is not one of those posts. This blog was inspired by the recent uproar and petition about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s baby Blu-Ivy. People are complaining about the toddler’s hair looking wild and almost dreaded at the ends. Comments were made about a mother spending as much time and money on her hair as Beyonce, shouldn’t have a child running around with an unmanaged mane.
Yes, I think the petition is ridiculous, and that there are a lot more pressing matters than a two year old’s hairstyle. I can recall several pictures of myself and others running around with fly-away strands as a child. Several of us look back at our childhood pictures with the sponge roller bang and question our parents’ sense of style and taste in hair design. However black people, women especially take pride in our hair. It is who we are. Our hair is a part of our culture. Braids, beads, locks, curls, waves, afro, twists, blowouts etc. This is who we are. We are a people who take much pride in our appearance and as a part of that, our hair. The great thing about our hair is the variety of styles we can rock. Understanding India Arie’s lyrics to “I am not my hair”, we aren’t defined by our type of hair or style in which we wear it, but our hair is as much a part of our culture as music and dance.
What J & B choose to do with their child’s hair is their business. If it makes them happy, who are we to nationally request for action to be taken? Hair health is of more importance than the style, but we are a stylish people by nature. It’s in our genes.
Just a lil of the TRUTH …

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“B” is for Bloggers

bloggingA-Z Challenge Letter “B”:

Not quite the creative title, but it works!

Fashion, News, Beauty, Love, Relationships, Politics, Cultural or Economical awareness. Regardless of the reasoning behind your posting, it feels good to know you can tell the world what you are thinking, and what’s better is when someone is reading. Blogging is the best form of expression for US. Often times in conversations with friends and family about something you have a passion for that others don’t, it may feel as if no one is listening or even care about what you have to say. Blogging gives you a platform to discuss issues of interest to you. Readers who have interest in similar topics can indulge in your facts or opinions. Readers who have no interest in the topic, or your opinion can scroll on. The beautiful part of it all is there are no interruptions! Writing what matters to you, uninterrupted, and monitoring the commentary (positive or negative, its all about what you want), it gets no better than that.

It sounds a bit selfish, or even childish, but in a world where we do a lot of conforming for others, we can be selfish in our world. It semi-reminds me of keeping a diary, only instead of elementary “drama” there are more mature reading selections (sometimes, it depends on our mood). What’s funny is, as intrigued as people were in our younger days with prying into our diaries, they are just as intrigued in reading our posts. Interest in the thoughts of others is human nature, the creativity writers use to present these thoughts set us apart!

The next time you are in a setting where people have notepads, notice if you or someone near you sneaks a peek at what is being jotted or doodled!
Continue blogging, someone is reading!!!
Just a lil of the TRUTH
A-Z Challenge Letter “B”

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Blogging from A-Z

Apparently the challenge was an April challenge, but I will be attempting this challenge this month of June. With summer approaching, the school year is closing, I will have more time to devote to my craft. The April challenge is strategically planned, posting everyday except Sunday, making it so the last post ends on the last day.

Rule Breaker—I’m posting whenever I get a chance, as long as I get all 26 posts completed this month, the challenge will be a true challenge for me. I typically try to post once a week, and when I’m super busy, once a month. “Got to do better!” So I accept this self appointed challenge with excitement and a few concerns.

I don’t want to post a topic just for the sake of posting to meet the daily letter requirements. I want my posts, throughout this challenge and any other challenge, to be meaningful and well written.

Hope you enjoy this month of 26 posts, I will try to enjoy writing more so than stressing on meeting the deadline.

————————– HAPPY READING ———————————–

Just a lil of the TRUTH…

If you want to check out the challenge the link is below.

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