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Exisiting with the Enemy

BLOGGING CHALLENGE A-Z Letter “E”: “In one ear, out the other.” “…like water on a ducks back” and any other common sayings you may think of. When dealing with a circle of friends, its inevitable that everyone won’t get along perfectly. Something will be done or said that offends or annoys another. It is a […]

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Woman Worthy of Words

A lifestyle dedicated to helping others better their lives. A career dedicated to helping better the futures of numerous black students, creating a safe and caring environment in which the students of her school can be comfortable learning, in order to pursue their life goal of obtaining an education and living to see their name […]

Reality Rewind

Friend, Follower, or Minion?

Things can become really strange in the friendship realm of women. Its really important in keeping up with the changes in your life, your friendships grow with you. As your personality and interest change, grow, or develop, your friendships must be aligned accordingly. There are several different types of friendships to be developed, as you […]

Our Culture/Our World Reality Rewind

Leaders of our World

“I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles, but today it means getting along with people.” Mahatma Gandhi Who is a leader? What makes a leader? What qualities and characteristics make for a leader? Which unqualified leaders have previously held position? How do unqualified leaders gain position? This blog was inspired by the viewing of […]

Our Culture/Our World Random thoughts


An approach taken by some religious people who believe that we can live harmoniously in our own faith and beliefs. Creating an understanding across the division of different faiths. Where your opinion might differ in taking this approach in religion, it is a way of life we all should inhabit in social arenas. Can you […]