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Don’t Make Your Problems Mine

I recently came to the realization that people have wised up and put a twist on Misery Loves Company. It’s a little more subtle nowadays. There used to be a time when people would blatantly rain on your parade because they were unhappy about something in their own lives. Lately, I’ve seen and heard people make subtle comments that leave you wondering if someone is trying to persuade your positivity into negativity “Shade“.


In general conversation within small groups or one on one I’ve heard comments such as:

“I couldn’t eat/drink that it has too many calories.”

“I couldn’t wear something that revealing/tight/short/bright”

“You never wanted to go to the doctor for that?”

I initially wondered  if some people do this because they want to be nosey, know more about you, or try to make you feel bad about “it” but after thinking about it, and trying to bring positivity back into my space I’m concluding that people do this to figure out how you are dealing/coping with certain situations because they didn’t have the tools to get through it.

Try not to put your worries and concerns on other people. I’m sure each of us are dealing with our own battles, we don’t need you to add to our list.

My Morning Cup-things to ponder throughout the day

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Cleanliness is next to Godliness…so I guess dirty is the devil

Growing up I took showers and baths at night. I would lay out my school clothes for the next day (seemingly easy since I went to private school until middle school). I made sure that red plaid pleated skirt and blue button down shirt didn’t need ironing. My mother would braid my hair or give me ponytails, tie them down with a scarf or stocking cap-literally old pantyhose. As I got older it became acceptable for me to take my showers in the morning it helped me to awaken for the day, and made me feel better having a fresh shower in the morning.

When I did take showers in the morning, the scent of the soap and cocoa butter lingered throughout the day. When I took showers at night, I’d awaken the next morning, wash my face, brush my teeth and wipe down other areas that could potentially get musty throughout the day.

This prelude is an example of my hygiene rituals. We all should have our own. The problem I have is when there is no daily hygiene ritual. Like -none-nothing-zip-zilch-zero-nada NOTHING! 


You can’t possibly feel comfortable all day smelling that way! Your skin doesn’t itch? Your nose doesn’t burn? You don’t get a headache? 

I guess you’re immune to it, but if so you need new friends, because I’m pretty sure they know you stink. 

Your feet shouldn’t smell like old cheeto’s. Your clothes shouldn’t be sour like you left them in the washer over the weekend. Your breath should not smell stale.

Y’all gotta do better! Get you a simple hygiene routine and start on it now! Tell your friends about their odor disorder and help ’em out.

This morning as you read this blog I hope you make mental notes on managing your hygeine. 

My nose and stomach thank you in advance!

My Morning Cup-thoughts to ponder throughout the day 

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Trying Something New

So I thought about trying out a new blogging path. I figured I can try out my posts on this blog before creating another blog site. The biggest problem I face in blogging is …actually…blogging. Time, energy, desire, and lack of topic all contribute to the missing entries of my blog. So I thought about a blog My Morming Cup. A daily post with a topic to ponder all day. Well here it comes, I will attempt to post every morning! Wish me luck!
Just a lil bit of the TRUTH …

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A Change is A Comin’

Every couple of months, I get my writing fever. I constantly think about writing-whether it be fiction novels, or blogging, but every so often I tell myself I will blog more, but when I find the time, I’m too tired to focus on anything and prefer to stare blankly at reality TV.

Well its that time again!!! I NEED TO POST MORE OFTEN

I’m still in the “finding” stage of blogging. Because I love writing, and it comes easily to me, I find I can write about anything (hence the variety of topics on my blog currently). I’m thinking I need to focus on a single topic. Well I’m starting with my OUR CULTURE/OUR WORLD genre of writings. There is always something brewing within our communities, there is always conversation about these issues, but sometimes the right things aren’t being discussed. Facts are presented, questions are asked, but dialogue is missing, thought provocation is absent. We’ll see how this goes. I’m going to try a month of each category, see which I like best and move on to the next stage of my blogging- “tailoring”.

I need your help! Comment, like, subscribe, follow! let me know what posts you like, which genre of my writing you like reading. Click on the different folders to read a variety of my posts, or simply scroll through eye catching titles, or intriguing topics. FEEDBACK


Just a lil of the TRUTH…

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I Like My Mondays Off

Those of us whole indulge in the hustle and bustle known a the work week, we become elated by the news of a Monday Holiday! The Friday before the Mega Mondays we mentally plan out each second of that day. Whether it be with plans of relaxation, extended travel day, shopping or errand running, we revel in the thought of not having to go in to work.

I had plans of shopping, running errands, major housework chores, and relaxing-all on the same day. Well, man plans and God laughs, because this day turned out to be a light breakfast, light laundry washing, light cleaning, reading and writing day. And next I am soaking my feet, polishing my nails, moisturizing my hair and… who knows. I’m enjoying my day off in the cozy house during this wintery President’s Day.

Because I’m a teacher, I look forward to our days off. Weekends off are great, but Mondays and week long breaks are just what we need to recharge our Energizer!

So long for now…until Spring Break!

Just a lil of the TRUTH…

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Netflix-The good, The bad, The CANCELLED

Screenshot (172)

After scanning through endless channels provided by your local cable, or satellite company provider, realizing nothing worthwhile is airing, just like last weekend, we turn to the internet, social media, video streaming websites, and settle upon NETFLIX. The absolute best invention since color TV. (I wasn’t born, but I imagine the excitement was comparable).

I always watch Netflix when I want to get lost in a movie never heard of, or a low budget or independent film that may have an interesting plot. I recently watched a TV series that only aired 2 seasons. I like watching short lived shows. Some of them weren’t given a fair chance, some of them never deserved it. This time watching a particular series it dawned on me, around the 6th episode that the writers, director, producer, or whomever, thought that the show wouldn’t make it to season 2. It seemed as if they started wrapping up each character’s story, not wanting to leave viewers with a cliff hanger, desiring a second season if there never was to be one.  So when watching the next season I anticipated that they would try to broaden each story, with a positive outlook on getting picked up for the 3rd season. No such luck. They continued with the wrapping of each storyline, just knowing they wouldn’t be picked up again.  At least this time they were right.

I sort of felt bad that the show didn’t last longer, it actually had interesting characters, and the stories were well developed. They took risks, they discussed touchy subjects, and made the stories true to real life. I hate that I didn’t support it while it aired, it might have still been on (my viewing is powerful). The main reason I figured it didn’t last is because of America’s addiction to reality TV. Most local networks air reality TV. If you are looking for a good television series, tune into STARZ, HBO, SHOWTIME. Other than that you are stuck watching other people’s made up lives. Maybe the show didn’t last because of the network it aired on. Does CW have any long lasting television series? Whatever the reason, its gone, never to return again, except if pitched by new writers in a few years, with a different title yet the same storyline. Tune in to Netflix to see what I’m talking about.

A few of the shows I’ve watched on Netflix (don’t judge me, I’m a different race sometimes, and these shows help to satisfy my inner “other”).

Melrose Place 2.0

LA Complex

Gossip Girl (several seasons).

So next time I’m watching a series on Netflix, I’ll subconsciously notice if the storylines of each character is coming to an end, or if they leave it wide open with high hopes.

The joys of Netflix!

Just a lil of the TRUTH…

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Divas? In the Eye of the Beholder.

I guess the title DIVA is up to one’s own interpretation, or in the eye of the beholder. I’ve recently observed vastly different versions of a “Diva”, some being the high maintenance type, others being an attitude of a prima donna. The most beloved Beyoncé views a diva as a female version of a hustler. I view divas as the high maintenance, attitude of entitlement type. There are various acceptable definitions of a diva, but there are also some definitions of what doesn’t constitute a “DIVA”

TVOne hosts a new show entitled HOLLYWOOD DIVAS, with black actresses in Hollywood who feel like they deserve their “spot” in Hollywood, having reoccurring roles on television or notable movie roles. They sing the constant song heard throughout black actresses and actors “Not enough roles for “US”. Many can agree with this statement as do I, but what I disagree with is the women on this show being labeled Hollywood Divas, divas who feel their talent and abilities have been overlooked.

The cast of HOLLYWOOD DIVAS: Paula Jai Parker– she says she believes she has been blackballed from the industry because of her marriage. She is living in a hotel during this first episode with her husband and child. She lists her claim to fame as a voiceover on the cartoon THE PROUD FAMILY. I mostly remember her from Woo “…a chicken hoe Lenny?…” and I keep mixing her up with the actress that played MOESHA’s rude college roommate. I honestly forgot her role as a whore on Hustle & Flow, and Phone Booth. She mentioned that Hustle & Flow should have gotten her more recognition. Right!!!! Because if you play a stripper, you’re on your way to the top. Just ask Lisa Raye McKoy-Player’s Club. Countess Vaughn– known for her role as the clueless best friend of MOESHA, later getting her own spinoff THE PARKERS, where she was the star of the show. I don’t consider her a Diva, and definitely don’t think she’ll ever have that role of an award winning actress. Her best bet is to find her way on the set of a sitcom. Elise Neal– She sees herself as a triple threat-actress, dancer and I guess singer, I haven’t heard her vocals yet, but hey-who knows. She can dance, and is in great shape for her age, or any age for that matter. Catch a flight to NYC and work on or off BROADWAY, they don’t need you in LA. Let go of the HUGLEY’S I think that show even knocked D.L. off of Hollywood’s radar. Golden Brooks-Mya Wilkes, one in the same. I can’t tell the difference between her personality on this reality show and her personality on the sitcom Girlfriends. Don’t get me wrong, that was my favorite show while it lasted, but she rubbed me the wrong way throwing shade at Countess Vaughn when all she ever had was a co-star role, and nothing more. Lisa Wu– Real Housewives of Atlanta… how does she even consider herself a Hollywood Diva? She could be a diva, but not in the sense of an actress. She should have stuck to the housewives empire and followed Nene Leaks onto the set of GLEE.

I respect Paula Jai Parker’s idea, but she could’ve just been just the director, and casted the likes of: Joy Bryant, Lauren London, Kyla Pratt, Tessa Thompson, or an older version with Stacey Dash, Vivica Fox, Thandie Newton, all women who deserve an award winning role, or at least another shot at it. I WONDER if any of these women were offered and turned it down.

Its truly unfortunate to see people hit rock bottom, and in Hollywood it happens very often due to drugs, addiction, disease, or a flopped film. Had you googled HOLLYWOOD DIVAS prior to the production of this show, none of these ladies would have populated. Kudos to Paula Jai Parker for taking a cue from every other washed up or bankrupt celebrity and making her problem profitable.

My suggestion to these ladies is to catch a flight on DELTA and audition for Tyler Perry. I might not like his movies and shows, but I support his efforts, and he’s making it happen!

Just a lil of the TRUTH…


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