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Purpose didn’t fit!!!

So Erykah Badu, a talented artist-singer, songwriter & actress (Cider House Rules) has recently put out a new video for her song Window Seat.  The video is of her walking through the streets naked.  There is a lot of talk about her being indecent by taking her clothes off in a public place and filming it.  The video has a lot of meaning to me, especially after hearing her explanation on Jamie Foxx’s radio show Foxxhol on XM radio.  It has a parallelism to JFK’s assassination, because at the end of the video, as soon as the song ends she gets shot.  I like the video as I’ve said before, but I don’t feel like THIS particular song fit her purpose for the video.

She is very talented, and I think she could have made a more political song to go alongside of this political/controversial video.  The song Window Seat is simply talking about not wanting to be bothered, and escaping problems/issues.  Overall, I think Ms. Badu started off with a big bang for her new CD. Hit song, talked-about video, what more can an artist ask for?  People will get the CD because they are true fans, and many will Youtube the video just to see what others are talking about!

God Job BADU!

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Posted by on April 15, 2010 in Our Culture/Our World


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