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Mental Maturity

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My school had them all! I was the type in high school to hang out with a range of people. Never did I have a “crew”. I kicked it with whomever was doing what I wanted to do at that time. I played sports for a while (a week) before deciding it wasn’t for me. I sang in the choir for 3 years, and even tried my hand and cheerleading-switched to dance later and then quit that too. I was just a cool chick (still am). I didn’t need to validate myself by assimilating to a particular group. I didn’t have to hang out in the front hall intimidating people as they made their way to and from class. I did my share of ditching school, cursing teachers and fitting into the typical high schooler.

That being said, my high school reunion was this past month, and let me tell you: it was pitiful.
It was nice to reconnect and make new connections with people from the past. It was cool finding out what interesting journey’s my classmates had embarked on. What was sad was the attitude of a few. Four girls who were seemingly popular the four years of school were dry. They barely spoke, they had STANK written all over their faces. Me being, who I am, spoke to each of them and joined in on the conversation or lack their of. They were very negative in their thinking, and their demeanor gave the impression that they didn’t want to be their. They spoke of how different some people looked. They spoke of how many people were there that they didn’t know. When asked about their “CREW” they responded “They’re at home”. I got the impression that they were their to “spy” on the reunion and report back to their “crew” who felt they were too cool to come. Looking at their behavior was amazing to me. They hadn’t matured mentally in ten years. They were stuck in that “Front hall, cool kid, mean girl” mentality. I laughed inside and out, and moved on to reunite with others.

Watching Oprah’s Next Chapter with black actress discussing the fight it takes to be successful in the movie industry. Actress Gabrielle Union was speaking on how she would rejoice in fellow actresses demise because she saw them as competition. She came to a realization after working with a life coach that being negative about other’s success didn’t help her to grow in any aspect of her life.

This was a direct parallelism to how I felt about the girls at the reunion. They made negative comments about being there, about some of the people there and the different activities that were planned. These comments and feelings could have only made them feel better for the moment, it couldn’t have made them more progressive in life.

The fact that no one really showed up was the first sign that many people hadn’t done anything with their lives, or that they weren’t satisfied with whom they’d become. Possibly ashamed that the energy they put into their high school days left them too exhausted to hit the ground running post graduation. At what point do you gain that maturity? What do you have to see, or go through to understand that bringing down others will never give you internal satisfaction? All in all, one must be content with themselves in order to have peace. Self Satisfaction- regardless of what you are doing, are you happy with who you are?

Just a lil of The Truth


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