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Cattiness aside

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

Step out of the box; Try something new; Move outside of your comfort zone. I’m talking about NETWORKING! The most powerful opportunity available to you! When you hear the word NETWORK, of course you think of business promotion or opportunities. GROWTH! Business, school, financial, spiritual, personal and social. Networking helps in all areas of life.
In the world of WOMEN, it seems so difficult or challenging to reach out to the female counterpart. Competition seems to always exists regardless of the situation. Must we be so petty, catty, jealous of one another’s strengths or possessions?
It seemed so easy for men to create long lasting friendships or brotherhoods, yet women enter into friendly relationships with inhibitions and cautiousness. Sports and technology of any kind is a commonality that most men share. Women share more commonalities/interests yet can’t find the right fit of friends. With the repertoire of interests-shopping, cooking, working, fashion, hair, makeup, clothing, shoes, children, men- our gender has the gift of gab and enjoys socializing, yet in a room full of women we only speak with whom we know.

Are we that judgmental or envious that we cannot enjoy genuine company and conversation without thinking a step ahead?

Without a receptive personality, you can become just a person in passing. Most recently I’ve tried a different approach, and the connections that I’ve made, the experiences I’ve enjoyed have all been rejuvenating. I see future opportunities for business and financial growth.

I challenge for you to evaluate your approach when meeting someone new, especially a woman. Enter into conversation with a nonjudgmental attitude, Be yourself within edit (everything doesn’t have to be said or expressed), Understand that everything said is not with positive or negative intentions. Gain the ability to approach a situation openly.

Take the time to reflect on the people around you, what is their purpose in your life?
People are put in your life for a reason and a season. Take the opportunity to use the tools placed in your pathway that can make for a better YOU.

Just a lil of the TRUTH

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