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Officer of the Law

Okay, so now days every time I’m around the police I get a disgusted feeling, and it got me to thinking. “At what point did the security I felt around police turn into disdain.”

I use to wonder why people couldn’t stand the police, I would constantly hear people say they hated the police, or “F” the police.  When I was younger, I felt secure and protected with police around.  Now I can’t stand to see a police officer.  I know now that the experiences you have with police alters your perception of them.  I’ve encountered police officers, and spoke, or waved, and they just look at you as if to put fear in you (FYI-it didn’t work like that, it pissed me off) then I’ve encountered police that think they can talk to you any kind of way.   I think it has to do with the whole authority going to their heads, and they don’t even get paid much, and think they run the streets…  I sometimes think they don’t want to see anybody having fun, especially black people with loud music lol just an opinion.

So I decided that the one thing that changes our opinion of law enforcers is the encounters we have with them.  I will end on the note that all police aren’t annoying, especially when they give you a WARNING when you know you deserved a TICKET!!!

Just a little of the truth

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Posted by on May 9, 2010 in Random thoughts


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