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True life events!

Ain’t Nothin’ But G-String Baby!

Truly girl talk on this post!!! I recently brought up a topic to my friends out of curiosity. Girls talk about EVERYTHING with our close friends, or sometimes whom ever will listen. We discuss friends, enemies, share recipes, share sexual experience stories, and changes in our bodies. Talking to each other, confiding in one another is what helps us stay aware and current on different issues, ranging from social issues to health topics. Our conversations seem to bond our sisterhood.

So recently I brought up a topic of women wearing PANTIES in public. Recalling a conversation I had with a friend about wearing panties when we go out partying, she explained that I was the only girl she knew that wore them when going out. This came as news to me, I thought most women wore panties REPHRASE – I thought most LADIES wore panties. So in remembering this conversation, and me being the semi-candid friend that I am, I asked a few different ladies from different walks of life, and different ways of living. These women both gave me the same answer of mostly going different places commando (is it still called commando if women aren’t wearing underwear? Is it gender based?). I then brought the question to a few other ladies, determined not to give up on my quest to find PANTIED PEOPLE-it couldn’t be that I was the only one wearing panties, it couldn’t be that I was the only one concerned about protecting myself as much as possible from microscopic organisms, and discomfort. Bracing myself for their answer to be the same as the others, I was ready to be the last woman to burn my panties in celebration of the NO PANTY PARTY. Finally I saw the light. I actually had friends who WORE PANTIES!!! We discussed the whole topic, from reasons we thought were acceptable panty-less moments, reasons we enjoyed wearing and shopping for panties, to find we knew women who didn’t wear panties even with jeans. We couldn’t find any respectable reasons not to wear them.

Now, I understand that these aren’t ALWAYS worn, there are instances when joining the PANTILESS PARTY isn’t a far fetched idea. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the idea that I was the last female young adult to wear panties. In hindsight, even entertaining the idea was silly on my part. The panty industry is a seemingly profitable one (see Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, and the largest American retailer of lingerie Victoria Secret). From “granny panties” to thongs there is an undergarment for every garment, for every lady, for every occasion.

Not judging, to each its own, but if you’re reading this, and you have an idea as to any respectable reasons, please leave a comment.

Just a lil bit of THE TRUTH

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Mental Maturity

mature 3 Band geeks, cheerleaders, sport jocks, sexy jocks, drama freaks, smart geeks, smokers, sluts, skateboarders, choir crew, artsy, drunks, gothics, smart jocks, dumb jocks,

My school had them all! I was the type in high school to hang out with a range of people. Never did I have a “crew”. I kicked it with whomever was doing what I wanted to do at that time. I played sports for a while (a week) before deciding it wasn’t for me. I sang in the choir for 3 years, and even tried my hand and cheerleading-switched to dance later and then quit that too. I was just a cool chick (still am). I didn’t need to validate myself by assimilating to a particular group. I didn’t have to hang out in the front hall intimidating people as they made their way to and from class. I did my share of ditching school, cursing teachers and fitting into the typical high schooler.

That being said, my high school reunion was this past month, and let me tell you: it was pitiful.
It was nice to reconnect and make new connections with people from the past. It was cool finding out what interesting journey’s my classmates had embarked on. What was sad was the attitude of a few. Four girls who were seemingly popular the four years of school were dry. They barely spoke, they had STANK written all over their faces. Me being, who I am, spoke to each of them and joined in on the conversation or lack their of. They were very negative in their thinking, and their demeanor gave the impression that they didn’t want to be their. They spoke of how different some people looked. They spoke of how many people were there that they didn’t know. When asked about their “CREW” they responded “They’re at home”. I got the impression that they were their to “spy” on the reunion and report back to their “crew” who felt they were too cool to come. Looking at their behavior was amazing to me. They hadn’t matured mentally in ten years. They were stuck in that “Front hall, cool kid, mean girl” mentality. I laughed inside and out, and moved on to reunite with others.

Watching Oprah’s Next Chapter with black actress discussing the fight it takes to be successful in the movie industry. Actress Gabrielle Union was speaking on how she would rejoice in fellow actresses demise because she saw them as competition. She came to a realization after working with a life coach that being negative about other’s success didn’t help her to grow in any aspect of her life.

This was a direct parallelism to how I felt about the girls at the reunion. They made negative comments about being there, about some of the people there and the different activities that were planned. These comments and feelings could have only made them feel better for the moment, it couldn’t have made them more progressive in life.

The fact that no one really showed up was the first sign that many people hadn’t done anything with their lives, or that they weren’t satisfied with whom they’d become. Possibly ashamed that the energy they put into their high school days left them too exhausted to hit the ground running post graduation. At what point do you gain that maturity? What do you have to see, or go through to understand that bringing down others will never give you internal satisfaction? All in all, one must be content with themselves in order to have peace. Self Satisfaction- regardless of what you are doing, are you happy with who you are?

Just a lil of The Truth


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Passing Me By

So I was doing some grocery shopping after church, talking on the phone to my best friend, when I noticed a handsome guy. Not gorgeous, not so sexy, not even REALLY attractive. He was my type though, tall, dark skinned, clean cut hair on top and on his face. His arms were DEVINE! The kind that didn’t need to flex to prove their worth. I did a once over and gathered all of the information I needed. No rig, basked full of beers and other bachelor types of items. He was dressed in a cutoff t-shirt. I quickly got off the phone and grabbed my case of waters. I left the aisle only to glance at him again. I grabbed some milk and continued to glare at him. I made him aware of me noticing him. I thought I was just tripping, so I tried to forget about him and finish shopping. I occasionally glanced around to look for him and couldn’t so I moved on. I wished I would have said something to him but I proceeded to the checkout. Figuring I’d missed my chance as I headed to the car. There he was loading in his groceries. Then again at the light and another light…he smilled at me and checked me out and I made him aware that I knew he was checking me out this time and not vice versa. I turned off to head home, wishing I would have followed him…stalkerish I know.

I’ve been trying to be a different me. The old me would of had his name and number at the first light. I’, trying not to pursue, I’m trying to allow them to pursue me. Guys have it a lil too easy now a days so I decided to miss out on this one hoping that he wasn’t worth it, or if he was then I’d see him again…and just incase its the latter, I’ve memorized the make, model, color and personalized license plate of the car. STALKERISH I know!

Just a lil bit of The Truth…

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Escape to Freedom



This is the Uhaul truck I was provided with to embark on my new journey.  I looked at it wondering should I be offended? I didn’t feel odd driving, loading, or unloading this truck, I was glad to be moving on.  I wondered though if the white man who rented this truck after me felt akward pushing around a runaway slave!

Time comes in one’s life where one must move on.  I was so glad to be leaving the 18th Century mindset of Alabama.  I attended college there, and immediately found a job after graduation.  Small town with an even smaller mentality.  I tried my best to leave, for three years, and I’ve finally made it out. It felt like I was stuck-you know that feeling when you walk into a spider web and can’t get it off of you.  I did everything I could to escape the reality of living there, I left every weekend heading to a city much bigger, with more things to offer.

Getting pink slipped from my job gave me the blessing I needed to escape that time warp! After getting another job in a city more northern than Alabama, it was only befitting that I use the Uhaul truck with the runaway slave headed to Canada for freedom.  Odd paralleism to my escape from the South.  My plan is to eventually reach New York or Chicago, and I’m almost there.  It might take another 3 years, but as long as it happens I’m okay!

On another note—should black people be bothered by this image floating across the United States? It doesn’t bother me, but I wondered if it should.


Just a bit of the Truth!  

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Cougar Town-The Reality Show

Age ain’t nothin but a number, throwing down ain’t nothin’ but a thang(aaliyah)…Age ain’t nothing but a number, but maturity keeps you sane.(me)

These old ladies eager to get a young man-for what?  They initially concern themselves with the sexual stamina these young men possess.  They want the wild life, the freak show, the fire and desire (my Rick James voice).  They end up getting take to the land of ecstasy on the emotional roller coaster of lust.  Lust-though few admit it-has its own emotional train.

I am fortunate enough to witness a real life cougar in action, live and in living color.  Its’s really embarrassing.  The age difference is 23 years.  These episodes are hilarious, they portray intimate romance, but really its all about those 3 letters S-E-X.  I think it started off that way for them both, but like a woman, she grew feelings, she started caring.  Realizing he is a good guy with good genes, and personality, she fell into her feelings.  Realizing he hoped for kids one day-she was barren, she snapped back to reality.  Realizing she was the same age as his mother and frequented that house often.  She couldn’t be BFFs with her same age mother in law!

Don’t get me wrong, if you are a cougar be one by all means, but realize what it’s about.  The 3 letters, not the 3 words.

Just a lil bit of The Truth!

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Older Married Men

So last night I was given an opprotunity to gain insight on a few Married Men.  What I learned was not surprising in the actions, but the explanations were ignorant, or stupid.  Or, it could be that they thought I was ignorant or stupid.  ANYWHO…I was invited to a game party for a college football game, by a family member.  My family member, (female) is significantly older than me, so I knew the crowd would be an older setting.  This was fine by me, because I enjoy watching old-skool people, and laughing at their ways.  Seems weird, but you know you like it too, a little beer, football, and blues music, that cracks me up every time!  Not wanting to be the only young buck there that really could careless about the game because it wasn’t the Super Bowl, I invited a friend of mine, so we could laugh at the old folks together.  So we are all eating, drinking and watching the game…no harm there.  It’s almost halftime, and we are already bored with the game.  We venture to where the majority of the men are (the kitchen) we are all drinking laughing and snapping jokes…still no harm there.  Let me mention that the only women at the event are us.  My family member, my friend, and myself.  All the others are men.  Its a house full of about 10 men.  Halftime begins to approach, and they begin to pull out money, 5’s, 10’s 20’s, and even 50’s…RIGHT, so they are trying to lowly mention 3 strippers are the halftime entertainment.  My first thought “I need to find somewhere to go for these 15-30 minutes.” Second thought “Really? Strippers for a halftime college game?” Third thought “These old men are a trip.”  Still I see no harm done, My family member, my friend and myself leave the house for a while, travel around the hood, and come back.  I thought that the strippers were not there, because the men were still in the kitchen talking.  One man mentioned that I might not want to go the way I was headed.  So, the strippers are at work LMAO.  We are chilling talking and laughing, drinking and cracking jokes still.  One side of my brain said “Why are they in here, and the strippers are in there dancing for who???” Meanwhile other women show up, and we are all still drinking, eating, and laughing.  Hell, the stippers took a break and ate and drank too.

Game Over, and we are all still talking.  Slowly but surely it’s revealed that every man in that house with the exception of 1 is married.  Okay, still not a problem, I was in no way shape or form interested.  Knowing how old men act with alcohol involved, I figured they were being flirtatious just because.  I knew I wasn’t giving them a chance, but it was fun to mess with their intoxicated brains.  Anyway, laughing, talking, drinking, and eating is winding down, so we leave, say our goodbyes and all.  Once in the car, I have to use the bathroom. My friend and I go back in the house, the men are all gathered in the kitchen talking.  I hear one say “No women need to come next time if they aren’t taking their clothes off.” This still didn’t bother me, I was tired, and had to pee.

Leaving the bathroom, they are still talking about it, because my friend is in there commenting on what was said.  So I comment saying they were disrespectful, and needed to take that issue up with whomever invited us.  If they didn’t want us there, it should have been said when we got there.  But we were welcomed with open arms.  Were they trying to be polite??? Have manners??? What??? If so, than was it polite to talk about the next time all the women that need to come need to be naked??? One of the older men said that they weren’t being disrespectful, we just shouldn’t have heard what was being said.  Too late, we heard it, now you are disrespectful in my eyes.  I still didn’t care, I was just ruffling some feathers as something to do.  One idiot old man says “See sweetheart, we do respect you, this just wasn’t the atmosphere for you, all the women we invited were getting paid for their services, this is why we said that…see a fine young thang like yourself is too much temptation for us, that’s all we were saying.”  All I had to say was “Sir, I would never allow you to give in to that temptation, and you still should be having this conversation with the guy who invited us.”

All of this being said, I wondered if older married men, on a guy’s night out, do this regularly.  If so, do they think that its okay.  I have no problem with men and strippers, but the fact that he even thought of me as a temptation bothered me.  A married man, a happily married man should see no woman as a temptation, if you honestly feel like my mere presence was bothering your spirits, you got more problems in your marriage than you think.  You think just watching some strippers butt-ass naked is harmless, but talking to a fully clothed woman about nothing of any importance is a temptation, your marriage is hurting bad.  I really think he just said that to save face, but it didn’t work. I hope my future husband doesn’t think this ignorant ass way.

Just a little bit of THE TRUTH!!!

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I Need Help (Relationship Help)

This is all new to me.  I am talking to this guy who is oh so gorgeous, and fun to be around.  We’ve only known each other for almost two months, and we spend lots of time together.  We talk for hours on our interests, goals, desires, EVERYTHING.  He has no problem telling me what he wants, and asking me how I feel.  The problem is me!!!! I can’t let go with him.  I am still gaurding myself so that I don’t get my heart broken.  He hasn’t said he wants to be in a relationship, but I think that this could lead there after a while.  I don’t want to rush him into anything, but I don’t want to be strung along…I know, I know, it has only been two months.  I don’t like going to many places with him, but he wasnts to go EVERYWHERE with me.  He even wanted to hang with my family during the Christmas Holiday.  My thing is I don’t want to appear as a couple if we aren’t one officially, because then I’ll get comfortable that way, and suddenly it will all change.  What do I do about him.  I know he likes me but I am scared of getting hurt by him if a serious relationship is not what he wants, and if a good friendship is all he wants.

Now, on the other hand, there is this guy that is heads over hill for me. Wants to be in a serious long lasting relationship and everything.  The problem here is I don’t really like him back.  I was attracted to him when I first met him, and we spent a little time together, but he had to move out of state for school, and the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder doesn’t work for me, it’s more of an out of sight out of mind type of thing.  The longer I go without seeing him, the less of a desire I have for him.  I’ve explained that, and he said we should work on seeing each other more.  I should take trips to come see him when I can.  Here’s the problem.  I don’t want to go see him,  there is nothing that sparks my interest of wanting to see or visit him. 

So, what am I to do…both guys are GORGEOUS, both are a little younger than me, both are still in college(without a job 😦 ).  Both have bodies that are wonderful…One more so than the other.  So who do I choose to spend my time and thoughts on?  I want to be in a real relationship with the first one, and can see us together.  The other, I know I can be in a realationship with, but the thrill is not there.  The only time I even consider being with him is when I think about being lonely and know that he will be there for me.  So I string him along for security.  What should I do???


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