Ain’t Nothin’ But G-String Baby!

20 Apr

Truly girl talk on this post!!! I recently brought up a topic to my friends out of curiosity. Girls talk about EVERYTHING with our close friends, or sometimes whom ever will listen. We discuss friends, enemies, share recipes, share sexual experience stories, and changes in our bodies. Talking to each other, confiding in one another is what helps us stay aware and current on different issues, ranging from social issues to health topics. Our conversations seem to bond our sisterhood.

So recently I brought up a topic of women wearing PANTIES in public. Recalling a conversation I had with a friend about wearing panties when we go out partying, she explained that I was the only girl she knew that wore them when going out. This came as news to me, I thought most women wore panties REPHRASE – I thought most LADIES wore panties. So in remembering this conversation, and me being the semi-candid friend that I am, I asked a few different ladies from different walks of life, and different ways of living. These women both gave me the same answer of mostly going different places commando (is it still called commando if women aren’t wearing underwear? Is it gender based?). I then brought the question to a few other ladies, determined not to give up on my quest to find PANTIED PEOPLE-it couldn’t be that I was the only one wearing panties, it couldn’t be that I was the only one concerned about protecting myself as much as possible from microscopic organisms, and discomfort. Bracing myself for their answer to be the same as the others, I was ready to be the last woman to burn my panties in celebration of the NO PANTY PARTY. Finally I saw the light. I actually had friends who WORE PANTIES!!! We discussed the whole topic, from reasons we thought were acceptable panty-less moments, reasons we enjoyed wearing and shopping for panties, to find we knew women who didn’t wear panties even with jeans. We couldn’t find any respectable reasons not to wear them.

Now, I understand that these aren’t ALWAYS worn, there are instances when joining the PANTILESS PARTY isn’t a far fetched idea. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the idea that I was the last female young adult to wear panties. In hindsight, even entertaining the idea was silly on my part. The panty industry is a seemingly profitable one (see Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, and the largest American retailer of lingerie Victoria Secret). From “granny panties” to thongs there is an undergarment for every garment, for every lady, for every occasion.

Not judging, to each its own, but if you’re reading this, and you have an idea as to any respectable reasons, please leave a comment.

Just a lil bit of THE TRUTH

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