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R.I.P. -The Reality Thereof

Death is so tough to deal with.  The realization that something is gone/lost forever is a struggle to deal with.  So we battle ourselves with hopes of a resurrection, or some evil prank being revealed.  We must come to the reality that when something dies, it is no longer in existence…

Why did I not listen the 1st time it was revealed “Hip-Hop has died”, never to return.  It hurts to say it, it hurts to really believe it, but I’ve come to that realization.  What helped me break through the illusion of Hip-Hop’s everlasting life? That damn 2Chainz concert I attended last night.  This concert consisted of Travis Porter, French Montana, and 2Chainz, and a slew of local artists (an unworthy title).

That isn’t real hip-hop, not lyrical, not expressive, just a bunch of lines about booty, weed, drinkin’ and money.  Nas said it, and I refused to believe it would just rot away, but it has, and I’m glad I’ve realized it.  These “artists” now days try to mix the subjects of different regional artists, and fail miserably.  They use the street life of the south, booty poppin’ jamz of MIAMI, money chasin’ verbage of the East Coast, and the MidWest “just wanna have fun” style into one big Snoop Dogg/Dr. Dre blunt and smoke the hell out of it!

NEWS FLASH: it’s over, give it up, it’s not working!!!

I’m not the hip-hop guru, but I know and love music.  This my friends isn’t music.  So I’ve come to the realization that it is dead, and needs to Rest In Peace.  Leave it alone, let it lie dormant until it dissolves back into its natural state.  The decaying process is hard and it stinks, but this failed attempt of resurrection is only making the stench more vile.


RIP Hip-Hop (Just in time for Halloween)

Just a lil bit of the TRUTH…

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Posted by on October 28, 2012 in Our Culture/Our World


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