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Back 2 Natural

Tired of the damage being done to my hair, tired of shielding it from the rain. I decided to drop the flat irons and pick up my wide toothed comb.  I’m going back to natural.  I’ve always been natural. I have a fine grade of hair that curls up with the touch of water.  What some folks call “good hair”.  Growing up my mama told me all hair is good if it covers your head. Well I’ve never had a perm, I only straighten my hair with flat irons.  I wear my hair straightened in the winter, and curly in the summer (humidity is not my friend). The other day I got tired of my straight strands.  It’s much easier for me to wash’n’go than to wrap and wear.f

imageSo I’ve decided to try different styles, and post for reviews. Day 1 was yesterday, I rolled it like a bug twist at the top, and pinned it in the back. Day 2 I just wet it, oiled it, and pushed a headband on the
front.  We’ll see what tomorrow holds! HAPPY BEING NAPPY!
Just a lil bit of THE TRUTH.


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Posted by on January 24, 2012 in Our Culture/Our World


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