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Timeless Artistry


Talent is not a trend; musical artists with great talent are classic. Music is at the core of many cultures, shaping ceremonial dance, creating soothing or celebratory atmosphere. Music helps to complete the event. African American, Black, Urban (whichever term you prefer) culture has a musical core. JAZZ, BLUES, FUNK, ROCK, HIP HOP, R&B and pretty much all forms of music have a history that parallels with OUR history.

With so many musical artists débuting regularly, Hip Hop and R&B seem to constantly change. Whomever presents a trend that sticks or connects to the people, stays on top until another trend hits. I’m so glad we have talented timeless artists that keep REAL music circulating.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   D’ANGELO    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Infamous for making women holler at the TV screen, begging for the cameraman to inch down just a little lower. This man has been off the scene for years, and released an AWESOME album with ease. Not saying It wasn’t hard work putting it together, but this album seems uncalculated. Of course you can listen to the entire thing straight through, and almost get a little disappointed when it comes to an end. He’s just one of those artists who won’t ever go out of style.

If you are a lover of music, you were pretty anxious to get your ear on this new album, and satisfied when he didn’t disappoint the fans. There are numerous artists in rotation on the TV, radio and music streaming airwaves, but only a few have the talent that can breakthrough any trend of today. Artists like D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Toni Braxton, R. Kelly, John Legend, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Usher and a few others. Even Bruno Mars has impeccable talent (highly underrated), but that’s another topic.

The above artists can always drop a single, or a entire album without a single and fans will approve.

Thank you for taking advantage of your talents!

Just a lil of The TRUTH…

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Substance Abuse

“…Anything that has substance… we as a people [black people] reject it.”

I heard an interview with Rico Love on Atlanta’s 107.9 and this statement he made inspired this post. He was discussing (as I’m sure many of our parents have discussed) how some of the hip hop music of today is cookie cutter and lacking substance.

I understood where Rico Love was coming from. Most of the songs of today are not songs that will carry us past our 40’s. What’s scary is being stopped at a red light and a 40+ year old, blaring the latest song pulls up next to you singing along. Some songs of today are of good quality, providing good melody, and thought provoking lyrics, but those songs rarely make it to the top, those artists rarely receive a Grammy. Underrated artists like Lupe Fiasco, Mos Def, Wale, B.O.B. should have a bigger or more prevalent platform. Not to say there is no quality music out these days, but there is a lot more rubbish than rubies out here. It seems that unless a song is a crossover song it doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves. We don’t accept the great songs unless there is a certain level of “turn up”. We ought to be able to put our quality artists over the top like we did back when SoulTrain, Luther Vandross, Diana Ross, and Smokey Robinson were in the forefront of the television screen.

Substance is lacking in not just music, but other areas:

Television Programming- Reality TV for starters, everybody has a show about anything. These “wives” themed shows are the ringleader in lacking substance, from the character to the storyline its all junk.

Food- Now days even the organic isn’t organic, you damn near have to grow it yourself for it to actually be considered food. So many preservatives, additives, and artificial in our diets, we might as well eat the package it came inside of.

Clothing- Thin, shredding with each turn, lightweight, overpriced junk. Pay high prices for QUALITY. the garments hanging on the rack have strings unraveling at the seams, lightweight, frail zippers or buttons, uneven hems, mismatch patterns at the seam… think I’m lying? Next time you are shopping, check the hem or seams of ANY garment. Unless you are in a NORDSTROM, SAKS, and maybe BELK, you will find substance lacking attire.

Not being preachy, I’ve dabbled in a few of these substance lacking areas, but writing this post has inspired me to go a little further, search a little harder and spend the extra dollar for SUBSTANCE. I encourage you to no longer abuse substance, beating it down, neglecting it, and forgetting about it’s existence.

Just a lil of The TRUTH..

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R.I.P. -The Reality Thereof

Death is so tough to deal with.  The realization that something is gone/lost forever is a struggle to deal with.  So we battle ourselves with hopes of a resurrection, or some evil prank being revealed.  We must come to the reality that when something dies, it is no longer in existence…

Why did I not listen the 1st time it was revealed “Hip-Hop has died”, never to return.  It hurts to say it, it hurts to really believe it, but I’ve come to that realization.  What helped me break through the illusion of Hip-Hop’s everlasting life? That damn 2Chainz concert I attended last night.  This concert consisted of Travis Porter, French Montana, and 2Chainz, and a slew of local artists (an unworthy title).

That isn’t real hip-hop, not lyrical, not expressive, just a bunch of lines about booty, weed, drinkin’ and money.  Nas said it, and I refused to believe it would just rot away, but it has, and I’m glad I’ve realized it.  These “artists” now days try to mix the subjects of different regional artists, and fail miserably.  They use the street life of the south, booty poppin’ jamz of MIAMI, money chasin’ verbage of the East Coast, and the MidWest “just wanna have fun” style into one big Snoop Dogg/Dr. Dre blunt and smoke the hell out of it!

NEWS FLASH: it’s over, give it up, it’s not working!!!

I’m not the hip-hop guru, but I know and love music.  This my friends isn’t music.  So I’ve come to the realization that it is dead, and needs to Rest In Peace.  Leave it alone, let it lie dormant until it dissolves back into its natural state.  The decaying process is hard and it stinks, but this failed attempt of resurrection is only making the stench more vile.


RIP Hip-Hop (Just in time for Halloween)

Just a lil bit of the TRUTH…

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Purpose didn’t fit!!!

So Erykah Badu, a talented artist-singer, songwriter & actress (Cider House Rules) has recently put out a new video for her song Window Seat.  The video is of her walking through the streets naked.  There is a lot of talk about her being indecent by taking her clothes off in a public place and filming it.  The video has a lot of meaning to me, especially after hearing her explanation on Jamie Foxx’s radio show Foxxhol on XM radio.  It has a parallelism to JFK’s assassination, because at the end of the video, as soon as the song ends she gets shot.  I like the video as I’ve said before, but I don’t feel like THIS particular song fit her purpose for the video.

She is very talented, and I think she could have made a more political song to go alongside of this political/controversial video.  The song Window Seat is simply talking about not wanting to be bothered, and escaping problems/issues.  Overall, I think Ms. Badu started off with a big bang for her new CD. Hit song, talked-about video, what more can an artist ask for?  People will get the CD because they are true fans, and many will Youtube the video just to see what others are talking about!

God Job BADU!

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