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You Ridin’ With Me?

You really ought to think about this term before you ask or answer.  This term holds so many options, good and bad.  When answering this question, it would be wise if you think about something other than the lack of gas the tank in your car has.  This question is about more than a full or empty tank.  Be aware of the people you are riding with.  The maintenance of the car, the condition of its interior and exterior, the music being listened to, the conversations being held, the extra stops you might make along the way, the safety and reliability of the driver.  These are all factors that configure into the answer to this question.  If it’s cold outside, and the volunteer driver doesn’t have heat in the car, only ride if you can handle the cold.  The most important factor is the time frame in which you may want to leave.  Don’t ride with someone who may not want to leave when you want to leave, or may want to leave earlier than you want to leave.

When asking this question be aware of the person you asked.  The favors they may ask of you, the conversations they may want to have, and the time capacity in which they may want to leave.

Me on the other hand could care less.  I am going to be the one who announces when I’m ready to go over and over again until I get on your nerves and you want to drop my ass off as soon as possible.  I’m also going to be that driver that doesn’t give a damn what you have to do, what time you gotta get your child from the sitter, what time you have to get up in the morning, what time your husband expects you home, and all that other shit, because I asked you were you riding with me, and you said yes.  Should’ve thought about it a lil longer.


Just a lil bit of The Truth…

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Posted by on November 4, 2012 in Random thoughts


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