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Hair, Our Hair

Since the times of Madame CJ Walker (maybe even earlier than that), Black women have had a strong interest in their mane. Her development of hair care products for black women was revolutionary. Now it may be that this affection we have for our hair comes from a desire to be accepted by or assimilated with the cultures and appearances of our European masters. Wanting our hair to be “fried, dyed and laid to the side” to be deemed beautiful and presentable, worthy to be looked upon, comes from slave mentality. Our culturally spirited broken ancestors instilled in us the maintenance of our hair, passing down the beliefs and practices of “good hair”.

There are several blogs, song and movies about our hair, excepting our hair, loving ourselves as God made us, and so on. This is not one of those posts. This blog was inspired by the recent uproar and petition about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s baby Blu-Ivy. People are complaining about the toddler’s hair looking wild and almost dreaded at the ends. Comments were made about a mother spending as much time and money on her hair as Beyonce, shouldn’t have a child running around with an unmanaged mane.
Yes, I think the petition is ridiculous, and that there are a lot more pressing matters than a two year old’s hairstyle. I can recall several pictures of myself and others running around with fly-away strands as a child. Several of us look back at our childhood pictures with the sponge roller bang and question our parents’ sense of style and taste in hair design. However black people, women especially take pride in our hair. It is who we are. Our hair is a part of our culture. Braids, beads, locks, curls, waves, afro, twists, blowouts etc. This is who we are. We are a people who take much pride in our appearance and as a part of that, our hair. The great thing about our hair is the variety of styles we can rock. Understanding India Arie’s lyrics to “I am not my hair”, we aren’t defined by our type of hair or style in which we wear it, but our hair is as much a part of our culture as music and dance.
What J & B choose to do with their child’s hair is their business. If it makes them happy, who are we to nationally request for action to be taken? Hair health is of more importance than the style, but we are a stylish people by nature. It’s in our genes.
Just a lil of the TRUTH …

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Hourly Utopia-Salon Experience

ImageA woman’s trip to the beauty salon to is vital to our lifestyle-well, those of us to maintain this type of lifestyle.  It takes a while to find a good salon and stylist.  The experience has to be holistic.  The stylist has to know you as a customer to style you to your liking.  The salon-building is chosen off of location, style, and internal environment.  Trial and Error is the name of the game.  Trying out a different stylists is a scary but necessary process.  Once you find the perfect fit, you’d hate to loose it.

Well, I had a stylist that hooked my hair up just the way I liked it without damaging my shaft! The salon was locally located, I didn’t take long to get there on time.  The style inside was comforting and modern.  The stylist washed my hair well enough to put me asleep, but the conversation was frequent enough to keep me alert. 

I recently moved, and had to search online for a new hair stylist.  I refused to allow my hair to go through a series of hands before it found the right touch, so I had to result to the World Wide Web.  I drove by a few locations, and decided that they weren’t the right place for my gorgeous locks.  I visited a couple, but the lack of professionalism, or experience level wasn’t up to par.  I found one that is decorated the way I like, the location was cool, and my hair was flowing.  I loved it!

Buuuuuut….The shampooing wasn’t as forceful as I would like.  It was too gentle.  Wash my hair don’t be scared to wash the scalp, get the dirt & oil out.  The conversation was lacking-I’m not asking for a gossiping, backbiting, argumentative environment, but give me a lil entertainment.

It is apart of black culture to hit the beauty salon, get a good doo, and be entertained at the same time! 

A barber shop is to a black man what a beauty shop is to a black woman.

It’s our lifestyle, embrace it!

Just a lil of the TRUTH…

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New Cult-Naturalista


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I understand the hair obsession with women.  For a woman, your hair has to be on point for you to even feel presentable.  My hair is constantly changing from style, color, and length, nothing drastic-I’m toooo scared, but the usual changes. 

Apparently being “natural” is the newest trend in African-American hair for women.  Women are shaving off their processed hair, burning their weaves and wigs, and embarrassing the hair they were blessed with.  India Aire’s “I Am Not My Hair” is a theme song that was a lil before it’s time, but “My Black is Beautiful” is a timeless phrase.  I think it is wonderful for all cultures to embrace who they are, to love the skin (or hair) they are in.  I especially think this is important for Black people as a whole.  People who have been taught since slavery that everything they are-naturally- is negative, should find a way to love themselves and what they represent. (I’m not getting into that though, that’s another blog topic.)

I am not knocking the desire to be natural, I love it…(So what’s my point then huh???)

Just because you choose to be natural in your hair care decisions, don’t knock others for what they choose to do with their hair! Stop treating it like a cult.  I was talking to this girl discussing meeting some people, and she was really concerned about them being natural.  It was almost as if she didn’t want to have anything to do with someone unless they were natural.  She met me when my hair was in a kinky/curly state, wonder what she’ll think when she sees me after this wonderful hair appointment!!!  Why do you have to hang out with only “natural” people, and fear what you were a few years ago. 

I admit it is a brave thing to do, to not conform to the trends of weaves and wigs, but as of now this is the trend, so were you really being brave in making this choice? Are you simply going to relax those tight ass curls when this trend is out of style? I think the moral is love who you are, do it with pride, and respect other’s decisions that differ from yours. If you like it I love it. I wonder what the next hair trend is going to be…

Just a lil bit of THE TRUTH!

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Back 2 Natural (cont’d)

Today was day 3 of the wash-n-wear hair, and the styling is the same as day 2.  I washed it, put leave in conditioner on it, and pushed a headband on the front.  This is the problem I have.  There are only so many styles I can implement with the wash-n-wear.  Next week, if time permits, I might try curling it with rollers. One thing I have figured out is that the longer my hair is, the less curl I have, and it now looks more wavy than curly.  I know that because I’ve straightened it so much that is taking a little time for the natural curl to come back…We’ll see what next week hold!

Happy being nappy!

Just a bit of the TRUTH

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