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I Need Help (Relationship Help)

This is all new to me.  I am talking to this guy who is oh so gorgeous, and fun to be around.  We’ve only known each other for almost two months, and we spend lots of time together.  We talk for hours on our interests, goals, desires, EVERYTHING.  He has no problem telling me what he wants, and asking me how I feel.  The problem is me!!!! I can’t let go with him.  I am still gaurding myself so that I don’t get my heart broken.  He hasn’t said he wants to be in a relationship, but I think that this could lead there after a while.  I don’t want to rush him into anything, but I don’t want to be strung along…I know, I know, it has only been two months.  I don’t like going to many places with him, but he wasnts to go EVERYWHERE with me.  He even wanted to hang with my family during the Christmas Holiday.  My thing is I don’t want to appear as a couple if we aren’t one officially, because then I’ll get comfortable that way, and suddenly it will all change.  What do I do about him.  I know he likes me but I am scared of getting hurt by him if a serious relationship is not what he wants, and if a good friendship is all he wants.

Now, on the other hand, there is this guy that is heads over hill for me. Wants to be in a serious long lasting relationship and everything.  The problem here is I don’t really like him back.  I was attracted to him when I first met him, and we spent a little time together, but he had to move out of state for school, and the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder doesn’t work for me, it’s more of an out of sight out of mind type of thing.  The longer I go without seeing him, the less of a desire I have for him.  I’ve explained that, and he said we should work on seeing each other more.  I should take trips to come see him when I can.  Here’s the problem.  I don’t want to go see him,  there is nothing that sparks my interest of wanting to see or visit him. 

So, what am I to do…both guys are GORGEOUS, both are a little younger than me, both are still in college(without a job 😦 ).  Both have bodies that are wonderful…One more so than the other.  So who do I choose to spend my time and thoughts on?  I want to be in a real relationship with the first one, and can see us together.  The other, I know I can be in a realationship with, but the thrill is not there.  The only time I even consider being with him is when I think about being lonely and know that he will be there for me.  So I string him along for security.  What should I do???


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