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Love or Comfort

Is it settling for less if he’s everything you want, but you don’t love him? He treats you like a queen, believes you to be the best ever made, holds you on such a pedestal that even your biggest mistakes seem minimal. Is there better or is that the best? Will you ever actually have the one of your dreams in EVERY aspect of life-looks, style, education, finances, conversation, intellect, personality, goals, interests? Is that having your cake and eating it too? What if he has the looks you like, the personality you connect with, the religion in which you believe, the values and morals in which you agree, but you don’t love him? What else is out there…is there truly that soul connection? Is the soul connection even worth having? Can your soul not connect to your IDEAL mate? Is love all that matters? Can your souls grow a connection? Can you learn to love someone? Back in the OLD days many of them married for status and remained married for years, even married to this day. Now days when people marry their “soul mates” how long do those souls endure??? Does the comfort of life outweigh the comfort of love? If he has all that you desire, its not settling down, its settling up…nevertheless, its settling.
Some marry for love, some marry for comfort of lifestyle…call me greedy, I want both!

Curtesy of Google images

Curtesy of Google images

Just a lil of The TRUTH

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Older Married Men

So last night I was given an opprotunity to gain insight on a few Married Men.  What I learned was not surprising in the actions, but the explanations were ignorant, or stupid.  Or, it could be that they thought I was ignorant or stupid.  ANYWHO…I was invited to a game party for a college football game, by a family member.  My family member, (female) is significantly older than me, so I knew the crowd would be an older setting.  This was fine by me, because I enjoy watching old-skool people, and laughing at their ways.  Seems weird, but you know you like it too, a little beer, football, and blues music, that cracks me up every time!  Not wanting to be the only young buck there that really could careless about the game because it wasn’t the Super Bowl, I invited a friend of mine, so we could laugh at the old folks together.  So we are all eating, drinking and watching the game…no harm there.  It’s almost halftime, and we are already bored with the game.  We venture to where the majority of the men are (the kitchen) we are all drinking laughing and snapping jokes…still no harm there.  Let me mention that the only women at the event are us.  My family member, my friend, and myself.  All the others are men.  Its a house full of about 10 men.  Halftime begins to approach, and they begin to pull out money, 5’s, 10’s 20’s, and even 50’s…RIGHT, so they are trying to lowly mention 3 strippers are the halftime entertainment.  My first thought “I need to find somewhere to go for these 15-30 minutes.” Second thought “Really? Strippers for a halftime college game?” Third thought “These old men are a trip.”  Still I see no harm done, My family member, my friend and myself leave the house for a while, travel around the hood, and come back.  I thought that the strippers were not there, because the men were still in the kitchen talking.  One man mentioned that I might not want to go the way I was headed.  So, the strippers are at work LMAO.  We are chilling talking and laughing, drinking and cracking jokes still.  One side of my brain said “Why are they in here, and the strippers are in there dancing for who???” Meanwhile other women show up, and we are all still drinking, eating, and laughing.  Hell, the stippers took a break and ate and drank too.

Game Over, and we are all still talking.  Slowly but surely it’s revealed that every man in that house with the exception of 1 is married.  Okay, still not a problem, I was in no way shape or form interested.  Knowing how old men act with alcohol involved, I figured they were being flirtatious just because.  I knew I wasn’t giving them a chance, but it was fun to mess with their intoxicated brains.  Anyway, laughing, talking, drinking, and eating is winding down, so we leave, say our goodbyes and all.  Once in the car, I have to use the bathroom. My friend and I go back in the house, the men are all gathered in the kitchen talking.  I hear one say “No women need to come next time if they aren’t taking their clothes off.” This still didn’t bother me, I was tired, and had to pee.

Leaving the bathroom, they are still talking about it, because my friend is in there commenting on what was said.  So I comment saying they were disrespectful, and needed to take that issue up with whomever invited us.  If they didn’t want us there, it should have been said when we got there.  But we were welcomed with open arms.  Were they trying to be polite??? Have manners??? What??? If so, than was it polite to talk about the next time all the women that need to come need to be naked??? One of the older men said that they weren’t being disrespectful, we just shouldn’t have heard what was being said.  Too late, we heard it, now you are disrespectful in my eyes.  I still didn’t care, I was just ruffling some feathers as something to do.  One idiot old man says “See sweetheart, we do respect you, this just wasn’t the atmosphere for you, all the women we invited were getting paid for their services, this is why we said that…see a fine young thang like yourself is too much temptation for us, that’s all we were saying.”  All I had to say was “Sir, I would never allow you to give in to that temptation, and you still should be having this conversation with the guy who invited us.”

All of this being said, I wondered if older married men, on a guy’s night out, do this regularly.  If so, do they think that its okay.  I have no problem with men and strippers, but the fact that he even thought of me as a temptation bothered me.  A married man, a happily married man should see no woman as a temptation, if you honestly feel like my mere presence was bothering your spirits, you got more problems in your marriage than you think.  You think just watching some strippers butt-ass naked is harmless, but talking to a fully clothed woman about nothing of any importance is a temptation, your marriage is hurting bad.  I really think he just said that to save face, but it didn’t work. I hope my future husband doesn’t think this ignorant ass way.

Just a little bit of THE TRUTH!!!

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