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It starts out slow, unknowingly creeping up, penetrating the pores and spreading unexpectedly. Taking over entirely until it has planted it’s roots deeply into the victim. A most common infectious disease, yet curable.

Negativity is a BEAST.

It is everywhere, waiting to talk to whomever will engage in dialogue. Regardless of who you are, where you are or what you are doing, negativity is hovering like a dark rain cloud, waiting to spill out.

Have you ever been so positive about someone or something, then a person or group of people begin pointing out flaws that you never saw, or even thought about? Soon your opinion becomes distorted, you begin feeling differently or even indifferent towards the situation unknowingly. Feelings of agitation, annoyance, irritation or exhaustion surface and that negative virus sets in. It almost reminds me of the school girl mentality of “Let’s not like her” “Okay, we don’t like her”. Knowing a situation isn’t great yet looking beyond the situation, focusing on the positive of it all is the way to go.

The challenge: Overlooking the bad, or comments made about something that bring about negativity. Powerful are those who stand above the commonality of negativity in every situation. Those who find the good and bright side when the situation is covered in mud. A strong person can resist the negative pull of this world and choose positivity overall.


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