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Ruined Day

It’s really interesting how some things have more power over us than we expect.  I often wonder if we can actually prevent having a bad day.  Sometimes I wake up in the morning and say to myself “This is going to be a good day! Regardless of what happens this will be a good day!”

I was riding in the car with my brother recently, and he had a cold, and was coughing up thick mucus and spitting it out of the window.  I had the random thought about it hitting someone elses windshield!  I laughed on the inside.  If I was driving down the street and a big loogie hit my windshield, I would be sooo pissed off!  That would definitely change the course of my day.  After getting smacked with the loogie, I would of course try to wipe it off with my windshield wipers until I could get to a place to wash the window.  I would be completely disgusted from the time it landed on the window to well after its gone.  I would probably tell everyone I came in to contact with that day! It is so funny to think about, but if I had to live that situation I know I would be pissed.  It’s one of those things you laugh at WAY after it has happened.

Just a little of the The Truth…

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Posted by on April 24, 2010 in Random thoughts


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