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Exisiting with the Enemy


“In one ear, out the other.” “…like water on a ducks back” and any other common sayings you may think of.

When dealing with a circle of friends, its inevitable that everyone won’t get along perfectly. Something will be done or said that offends or annoys another. It is a struggle for some people to share air with someone they don’t really care for. Mature people should be able to hold conversations and space with someone they don’t really like. In the beginning it may be irritating or uncomfortable, but that’s because negative feelings are still brewing. Once a conversation is had to hash out an issue, regardless of the outcome, being around that person shouldn’t fluster you any longer. It should be easier to be cordial in a group setting, enjoy yourself, involve yourself in activities and conversation without having positive or negative emotions towards a particular person. Even if the conversation is more of an argument and disdain for one another is established, there should be no need for sly comments or ugly looks. Both parties said what they felt needed to be said, so why put energy into disliking someone. Explain your position and move on! Don’t allow it to suck life/joy from you.

Just a lil of the TRUTH…

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Stop the Charades

Okay, we all know the type- small man, beefed up chest, deep baritone voice, speaks with the latest hip-hop jargon, no one ever knows what the hell he’s talking about.  I want to badly refer to these type as “lame ass niggas”, but I’ll use it this once, and refrain from it for the rest of the post.  Is it that necessary to fit in? And if you have to do all of that, do you truly want to fit in?  I never understood those who felt portraying someone else was being themselves.  My crew prefers the real you.

So this guy, bred from the suburbs, a neighborhood where the only chicken joint is Zaxby’s and Chick-Fil-a, beefs his chest out, deepens his voice, and says stupid shit that has nothing to do with anything.  Blastin’ off curse words because he has limited vocabulary, reciting whole verses in rap songs to prove his masculinity.  REALLY???!!!

Any dude applying lip balm more than his female counterpart is not a street dude.  Examining your skin for dry areas after leaving the swimming pool, Inspecting your snap back hat for dirt, grime, specks of lint,-not a street dude.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with caring about your appearance, taking pride in your looks, keeping your shit looking nice, but come on now…you act like a BITCH!

I just had to get that off of my chest, it was bothering me!

Just a lil bit of The TRUTH!!!


Why perpetrate my friend?

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You signed up for the gig!!!

Don’t you just despise people who complain nonstop about the demands of something they have to do?  I’m a teacher, so of course I hear complaints day in and day out about curriculum, and especially student’s behavior.  The other day, a substitute at the school (subbing for maternity leave) complained about having to come back to school that night for open house.  You signed up for the gig you knew what it would entail.  Then when we were doing the Easter egg hunt, she fakes sick and gets a sub in her place, and I have to deal with her kids as well as mine, during a Math Easter Egg Hunt, because of course the sub’s sub isn’t good with activities such as these…But nevertheless, I love my job, and I’m not complaining, we had a blast hunting for eggs and solving the problems!

Just a little of The Truth…

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