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Acceptance through Assimilation

This month's cover of O Magazine

This month’s cover of O Magazine

Watching TV, (DVR only, don’t watch commercials much anymore) Dish Nation, my favorite radio TV show, and the topic of discussion is OPRAH and the Cover of this month’s magazine. The cover features Oprah as most of the issues do, only this time she’s rocking a blown out extensive afro. LOVE IT! Heidi Hamilton, the radio host of The Frank & Heidi Show of 95.5 KLOS Los Angeles made negative comments in regards to Oprah and her fro. This surprised me, as all of the comments I heard about this cover expressed how great this photo was. But was that only in the black community in which I immerse myself-friends, talk shows, TV & radio stations?
Instagram posts and comments from US

Instagram posts and comments from US

Instagram post and comments from US

Instagram post and comments from US

(CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO BETTER READ THE CAPTION! sorry for the strain on your eyes)

On INSTAGRAM I came across a few photos that expressed the same dislike of Oprah’s magazine cover. Comments about her hair being ratchet and crazy. This made me wonder was it because they truly thought this picture was bad or was her hair considered “BAD”?

Instagram comments & posts from "Them"

Instagram comments & posts from “Them”

Instagram comments and posts from "Them"

Instagram comments and posts from “Them”

Instagram posts and comments from "Them"

Instagram posts and comments from “Them”

Now I can’t knock people’s opinions, especially radio hosts-that’s their job; What bothers me is the fact that THIS particular cover depicted a strong powerful WEALTHY woman in a NATURUAL hair state (Given there were hair pieces added). The texture of the hair is kinky curly, as opposed to her other covers where it’s straightened.

I understand you are entitled to your opinion, but those are like Belly Buttons-everyone has one, yet mine is cuter.

It floors me, and I’m unsure why-I know the image of a black woman in the natural state is intimidating- yet I guess I just forgot that some White people can’t take the look of black people. From the wide spread nose, plump juicy lips to our various complexions, curves and kinky curls of hair. I bet “they” were happier than “us” when the invention of “hair refining” tools came about. “Finally! Tame those N**g*s and that hair!”

The way we are just isn’t good enough.

How many years have we been in existence in this country and we are still not accepted as we are. We only become accepted as a people if we look and live as White people do, assimilating to their image of perfection, which is more than disturbing. I was guilty of being annoyed by the massive fashion trend of Black women and natural hair. Now I want us all to revert back to our natural state of being, forcing “them” into loving US. When “they” start hating on the richest woman in the world we DEFINITELY have a problem.

Embrace us as we ARE

Embrace us as we ARE

Just a lil of the TRUTH

Blog address I stumbled upon when browsing the internet for hours on end (as I do regularly)Natural Hair:


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New Cult-Naturalista


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I understand the hair obsession with women.  For a woman, your hair has to be on point for you to even feel presentable.  My hair is constantly changing from style, color, and length, nothing drastic-I’m toooo scared, but the usual changes. 

Apparently being “natural” is the newest trend in African-American hair for women.  Women are shaving off their processed hair, burning their weaves and wigs, and embarrassing the hair they were blessed with.  India Aire’s “I Am Not My Hair” is a theme song that was a lil before it’s time, but “My Black is Beautiful” is a timeless phrase.  I think it is wonderful for all cultures to embrace who they are, to love the skin (or hair) they are in.  I especially think this is important for Black people as a whole.  People who have been taught since slavery that everything they are-naturally- is negative, should find a way to love themselves and what they represent. (I’m not getting into that though, that’s another blog topic.)

I am not knocking the desire to be natural, I love it…(So what’s my point then huh???)

Just because you choose to be natural in your hair care decisions, don’t knock others for what they choose to do with their hair! Stop treating it like a cult.  I was talking to this girl discussing meeting some people, and she was really concerned about them being natural.  It was almost as if she didn’t want to have anything to do with someone unless they were natural.  She met me when my hair was in a kinky/curly state, wonder what she’ll think when she sees me after this wonderful hair appointment!!!  Why do you have to hang out with only “natural” people, and fear what you were a few years ago. 

I admit it is a brave thing to do, to not conform to the trends of weaves and wigs, but as of now this is the trend, so were you really being brave in making this choice? Are you simply going to relax those tight ass curls when this trend is out of style? I think the moral is love who you are, do it with pride, and respect other’s decisions that differ from yours. If you like it I love it. I wonder what the next hair trend is going to be…

Just a lil bit of THE TRUTH!

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Back 2 Natural (cont’d)

Today was day 3 of the wash-n-wear hair, and the styling is the same as day 2.  I washed it, put leave in conditioner on it, and pushed a headband on the front.  This is the problem I have.  There are only so many styles I can implement with the wash-n-wear.  Next week, if time permits, I might try curling it with rollers. One thing I have figured out is that the longer my hair is, the less curl I have, and it now looks more wavy than curly.  I know that because I’ve straightened it so much that is taking a little time for the natural curl to come back…We’ll see what next week hold!

Happy being nappy!

Just a bit of the TRUTH

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