All About Me

I can write all day. It’s my favorite pass time, favorite hobby. I would love to become a novelists, and I’m working diligently at that goal. I enjoy writing novels that appeal to a young black audience.

Main goal in blogging is to give a voice to my opinion. I’ve been told that many people enjoy my perspective but I don’t always vocalize my opinion or thoughts with strangers. Hence-BLOG

I also do content writing, professional editing & technical writing. Email me for details

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6 replies on “All About Me”

Hi There! My name is Dawn Harden and like you I love writing. I enjoy your enthusiasm. Please feel free to contact if in need of advice or to run an idea by me. Currently I have three books on Amazon with a fourth due out in the Fall. Continue to progress by checking out other writers’ sites. Also, join other groups on Linkedin because seasoned writers in most cases will offer frank but necessary feedback that if heeded will sharpen your writing skills moving forward.

There is a great site promoting female empowerment, Project Peruse and see if this fits your goal of becoming a writer, entrepreneur, etc. You will find something there that will inspire.

You can do this! I wish you all the best!

I think I am one of your biggest fans and have been reading some of your page turning works since before we were teenagers. I can not wait until your first novel is published so I can buy 50 copies. You have everything it takes. Just step out on faith and watch God do the rest.

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