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Making Ghetto Fabulous

Since when is the struggle the new trend? You know those people, the ones who glamorize the hustle, their social media posts consist of taglines from the latest Hip Hop/Rap song title or lyrics, not even comprehending the meaning behind them. Why is a hustler the thing to be? By all means work hard for what you want out of life. I’m not talking about the ones working multiple jobs and pyramid schemes to provide for themselves and their children. I’m calling attention to those who come from a good household. Those two parent home children, those whose parents graduated from high school and went on to college. I’m calling out those suburban thugs. Puts me in the mind frame of the movie Malibu’s Most Wanted.

Understand that the hustle was created by those who lived in the hood, and needed to make it out, so they turned to a way of life that was not necessarily positive, but brought them to a financial point that allows them to escape the struggling way of life. The idea is that you work hard enough for a while so that you don’t have to work as hard later. So why is it that you were raised in the suburbs in a house with more than 3 bedrooms, attended private school, and some college, and in your adult life decided to struggle. Your life was set up for you, planned out so that you can be successful. Your parents planned ahead for your future, tailoring their lives so that you can “make it”, yet you ruined it all before the age of 21.

The biggest problem is you see nothing wrong with the path you are on. You’ve surrounded yourself with people who are struggling and you’ve identified yourself with their issues. You admire them to the point in which you want to be like them. The problem is this is not who you are meant to be.

I’m not degrading those who are living in this situation and working hard to make ends meet as best they know how. I’m not discussing those who have been dealt a crappy hand at life. This is for those who have learned everything about style and life from the media, from your style of dress to your ghetto girl gum chew. Those who have no sense of self. The struggle you live is self inflicted. Your life decisions you make bring you down so far to the point where when you make it out you feel stronger. Being stronger is being different. Having strength to fight the trendy current, swimming against it all.

Be a trend setter rather than trend searcher.

Just a lil of the TRUTH…


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Empowerment of Us

Black is Beautiful

I’m black and I’m proud
My Black is Beautiful
Black Girls Rock
Fight the Power

There once was a time in which our entertainers had the same goal of black empowerment and racial progression as the civil rights leaders. Getting back to a time where we embraced being ourselves and took pride in our race and appearance sometimes seems so far off. Will such a time ever return? The natural hair trend made a comeback and is sticking around for a while. The Zimmerman v The State trial, the election of our President Barack Obama, the reelection of our President Barack Obama; These events pulled our people together, but was the string strong enough? We seem to drift slowly apart. What element is missing from today that was prevalent during the BLACK POWER movement? Our songs and television programs lack self acceptance and don’t bring awareness to injustice in America. As of late few movies (Django, The Help, The Butler, 12 Years a Slave) have made major statements and attempts to bring injustice back to the big screen for awareness purposes, but what happens after the awareness? Where is the massive action that comes after?

No one wants to be controversial. Controversy however, brings about change.

Rather than rallying the troops together for a riot, raid, walk/march or sit in, Black America is choosing to prove our greatness through positive actions. The composure held throughout the President’s two terms has been the blueprint on fighting this battle of equality and acceptance as American people.

The televised award ceremony Black Girls Rock honors Black women and girls for their achievements and community involvement. Shining the light on deserving women who may otherwise get no recognition because they choose greatness over ignorance; Women and girls such as Misty Copeland-a talented black ballerina; Ameena Matthews-a community activist who puts her life on the line to help annihilate the violent streets of Chicago; Mara Brock-Akil- the voice of black women in sitcom television whose speech was so powerful it helped awaken the writer inside of me; Marian Wright an advocate for education and children in poverty; And young girls who speak out, and step up to make a difference in their communities through outreach programs, and keeping our neighborhood safe and clean. Such a refreshing revelation, Visine to a hazy eye. Awakening the awareness of “Awesomeness” possessed by our people. Accomplished hosts Regina King and Tracee Ellis Ross elegant and eloquent; poised and proud to celebrate being a black woman. Performances by the great Janelle Monae, Kelly Rowland & Sevyn Streeter and EVE, Jennifer Hudson, Ledisi, Amber Riley, and Ms. Patti LaBelle. Showcasing talent and beauty of all shapes, sizes and skin tones. This was simply a night to celebrate US and feel good about being black in America.

Black people have a powerful presence being positive or negative. Knowing the negative images will be automatically acknowledged, its great to spotlight the positive images in our people, making a difference in the community and within self. This show gives young girls an image of self acceptance with hopes of wiping out the mental image of video girl, sports groupie/baby mama as being a successful future. Black Girls Rock is a show and program promoting black empowerment, and positive imaging for young girls to look up to as a reflection of themselves. They host leadership camps and workshops for young girls of color; making a great deposit into the future of our race.

The social media community chimed in during the airing of this show with positive and negative comments which is always expected, but what was shocking was the sad attempts at comedy coming from some black men watching the program. Ignorant comments about body shape, outfits and hair styling was all some men could obtain from the showcase of wonderful black women. A major problem with the image of women comes from ignorant men! (Another blog another time). The response from the women in regards to these negative comments was all positivity. Proving that Love conquers all. If we can continue on this path of self empowerment and acceptance our race can advance to a level that is needed to overcome the mental incarceration placed on our ancestors which we’ve inherited.


Twitter posts:

Mary J Blige-‏#BlackGirlsRock is a prime example of all the exceptional women of color who continue to strive for greatness in their respected fields.

zellie ‏@zellieimani: We are living in an amazing time to see the creation and growth of projects such as #blackgirlsrock and @BlackGirlsCode

Nikia ‏@chitown_fashion: Shouts to Ameena Matthews for taking a stand against gun violence in Chicago! She is the epitome of fearlessness. #BlackGirlsRock…

Demetria Lucas ‏@abelleinbk: “Even if no one else sees you, I see you.” — Mara Brock Akil #blackgirlsrock #BET #dontwasteyourpretty

Just a lil of the Truth


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A Friend Of Mine

So I know a girl, who started off as a person who I couldn’t stand to be around, couldn’t stand her voice, her style, her personality.  Everything about her was just disgusting to me.  Now, I love her to death, I’ve gotten to know her more, and she really is just a person in need of a real friend.  That being said, she still has certain things about her that irk me.

One thing she does she can’t get be herself.  She is so busy being what the world sees as acceptable, and she sometimes pushes her beliefs off on me.  She Googles everything about what’s hot and what’s not.  She once said she was too dark to wear a certain color, so she would never wear that color.  She uses the term “they say” all the time, and I often ask who is the “they” she is referring to, and she says “you know ‘them'” She won’t wear something if someone else doesn’t approve.  She is always up for the newest trend, and at this moment it is now Plastic Surgery.

What bothered me the most is what she recently said.  We were talking about hair, and she is the WEAVE QUEEN…she said her husband will probably never see her real hair.  Why did this bother me so? I can’t imagine having a husband I can’t be comfortable around, but maybe she is comfortable with herself with the weave than without.  Now that really bothers me, because I can’t imagine not loving myself, and not being comfortable with myself.  Being her friend, I’m trying to help her be comfortable in the skin she’s in, but she isn’t, and I can’t stand it.

She’s just not her own person, and I’ve never had a friend without enough self-esteem to be whomever she wants without a care in the world.


Just a little of the TRUTH

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