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Timeless Artistry


Talent is not a trend; musical artists with great talent are classic. Music is at the core of many cultures, shaping ceremonial dance, creating soothing or celebratory atmosphere. Music helps to complete the event. African American, Black, Urban (whichever term you prefer) culture has a musical core. JAZZ, BLUES, FUNK, ROCK, HIP HOP, R&B and pretty much all forms of music have a history that parallels with OUR history.

With so many musical artists débuting regularly, Hip Hop and R&B seem to constantly change. Whomever presents a trend that sticks or connects to the people, stays on top until another trend hits. I’m so glad we have talented timeless artists that keep REAL music circulating.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   D’ANGELO    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Infamous for making women holler at the TV screen, begging for the cameraman to inch down just a little lower. This man has been off the scene for years, and released an AWESOME album with ease. Not saying It wasn’t hard work putting it together, but this album seems uncalculated. Of course you can listen to the entire thing straight through, and almost get a little disappointed when it comes to an end. He’s just one of those artists who won’t ever go out of style.

If you are a lover of music, you were pretty anxious to get your ear on this new album, and satisfied when he didn’t disappoint the fans. There are numerous artists in rotation on the TV, radio and music streaming airwaves, but only a few have the talent that can breakthrough any trend of today. Artists like D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Toni Braxton, R. Kelly, John Legend, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Usher and a few others. Even Bruno Mars has impeccable talent (highly underrated), but that’s another topic.

The above artists can always drop a single, or a entire album without a single and fans will approve.

Thank you for taking advantage of your talents!

Just a lil of The TRUTH…

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Makeup Curse

Courtesy of GOOGLE

Courtesy of GOOGLE

Picture it: 1992 young girl meddles in mother’s CABOODLE, smearing lipstick, patting blush, lining lips, eyes and brows. Every girl sneaks into their mother’s (or closest older female relative) makeup bag or kit. Its what girls do, we play in makeup as children, waiting for that right of passage to be able to wear ALL of it on our faces and look like the princesses we know we are. This beauty right of passage lasts for years, beginning with polish-for the toes first, and fingers later (depending on the rigidness of the parent). Next comes the bright, shiny, sticky, collectible lip glosses in every flavor (remember the soda pop flavors???)

The takeover consumes us all eventually. Some more gradual than others, some ending the phase, some swearing by it. Eventually a lady will wear a full face of makeup. Which leads me to the question: At what point do we become so subconsciously insecure of our facial appearance?

There once was a time where you could leave the house without a dab of makeup, but gradually full coverage before exiting your residence becomes a ritual. Some women even sleep in makeup, never wanting there significant other to see the naked face. It becomes so much apart of a person that they may become unrecognizable, or even appear ill without a full face.

The more we wear the makeup, the more we become critical of the imperfections of our face:
My lips are too thin
My lips are too full
Only one of my eyebrows have an arch
My eye is placed higher on the right than the left
My eyeliner is more even on the left than the right

With all of these thoughts women become obsessed with their imprefections, looking for the next FDA approved (or unapproved) cosmetic to correct the problem.

dry eyes, puffy eyes, baggy eyes, dark eyes, dark marks, sun spots, freckles, moles, pigmentation, rosacea, age spots, liquid, powder, cream, airbrush, short eye lashes, thick eyebrows, thin eyebrows, thin lips, full lips. You want to fix it? There’s something for it, head on down to your local drugstore and pick up a FIX-A-FACE kit for an affordable price that won’t break your pockets, but could save you money if you went without it!

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well-Psalm 139:14

Just a bit of the TRUTH

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