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Black America’s Boyfriend

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Tall, Dark and Handsome! (They might have coined the phrase, but we truly understand it.) From his smooth chocolate skin, full lips and curly dark hair. Derek Luke is the go-to ,all American, all around good guy boyfriend for black cinema. Whenever I think about a storyline in or outside of major productions I (and I’m sure many others) envision Derek Luke as the good guy. He always gets a role of a guy that finishes last, but runs a good race.

When watching his latest role on Empire, I was reminded of his awesome talent, his believable portrayal of his characters and ability to make us and his on screen love interests fall in love with him time after time. I started thinking about him as a person. Of course I don’t know him as a person, but I’ve never heard any negative news regarding him. I read an article on and It made me love him all the more. We all love his roles in Biker Boyz and  Friday Night Lights, I even enjoyed his “boy next door” role in Baggage Claim. I also like that we see him in small and large roles. It seems he’s not too proud to be in a movie with a role that may not be a big box office hit. He seems to have steady work in Hollywood whether it be a Tyler Parry film, or guest appearances on prime time television. I’m waiting for another moving role such as Antwone Fisher. He deserves it!

Whether he’s shaking his shoulders like P. Diddy or head of security for an Empire, Mr. Luke always performs.

Just a little of the TRUTH…

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Girls on Film

Kudos to the black women who are making their way in this world in spite of the odds against them. I’m not speaking of the commonly known odds. I’m speaking of the odds we (black women) have put on ourselves within the last decade. The video “model”, the reality TV overnight celebrity, the twerk team instafame females who have adapted this rotten mentality of eyelash extensions, bright colored booty shorts, and thousand dollar sew in, glue in, floor length weaves as beauty.

Watching television realizing Hollywood views entertainment as Reality TV, (it seems shows don’t make it unless they’re reality shows) its refreshing to find a show-drama, murder mystery or sitcom that you enjoy. I’m excited for the black woman image being portrayed through 2 characters on Primetime TV.

“How To Get Away With Murder” star, Aja Naomi King portrays an ambitious law student, educated, and determined to get what she wants in life through hard work. “Thank you Shonda Rhimes for this image- among other images of black women, you are just a dynamic writer who helps to shift America’s view of US.”

“Sleepy Hollow” star Nicole Beharie is a gorgeous actress who plays a strong female lead that could’ve been written for a girl of any race. Black actresses strive for those roles, roles that were written to be delivered through talent regardless of race or cast type. Julliard trained, with several roles under her belt, this lady is doing well.

I’ll keep watching these ladies to see where their talent takes them. I’m sure I’ll see them again. Black America needs those prominent black Actors & Actresses, and these two are well on their way.

Just a little of the TRUTH…

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Divas? In the Eye of the Beholder.

I guess the title DIVA is up to one’s own interpretation, or in the eye of the beholder. I’ve recently observed vastly different versions of a “Diva”, some being the high maintenance type, others being an attitude of a prima donna. The most beloved Beyoncé views a diva as a female version of a hustler. I view divas as the high maintenance, attitude of entitlement type. There are various acceptable definitions of a diva, but there are also some definitions of what doesn’t constitute a “DIVA”

TVOne hosts a new show entitled HOLLYWOOD DIVAS, with black actresses in Hollywood who feel like they deserve their “spot” in Hollywood, having reoccurring roles on television or notable movie roles. They sing the constant song heard throughout black actresses and actors “Not enough roles for “US”. Many can agree with this statement as do I, but what I disagree with is the women on this show being labeled Hollywood Divas, divas who feel their talent and abilities have been overlooked.

The cast of HOLLYWOOD DIVAS: Paula Jai Parker– she says she believes she has been blackballed from the industry because of her marriage. She is living in a hotel during this first episode with her husband and child. She lists her claim to fame as a voiceover on the cartoon THE PROUD FAMILY. I mostly remember her from Woo “…a chicken hoe Lenny?…” and I keep mixing her up with the actress that played MOESHA’s rude college roommate. I honestly forgot her role as a whore on Hustle & Flow, and Phone Booth. She mentioned that Hustle & Flow should have gotten her more recognition. Right!!!! Because if you play a stripper, you’re on your way to the top. Just ask Lisa Raye McKoy-Player’s Club. Countess Vaughn– known for her role as the clueless best friend of MOESHA, later getting her own spinoff THE PARKERS, where she was the star of the show. I don’t consider her a Diva, and definitely don’t think she’ll ever have that role of an award winning actress. Her best bet is to find her way on the set of a sitcom. Elise Neal– She sees herself as a triple threat-actress, dancer and I guess singer, I haven’t heard her vocals yet, but hey-who knows. She can dance, and is in great shape for her age, or any age for that matter. Catch a flight to NYC and work on or off BROADWAY, they don’t need you in LA. Let go of the HUGLEY’S I think that show even knocked D.L. off of Hollywood’s radar. Golden Brooks-Mya Wilkes, one in the same. I can’t tell the difference between her personality on this reality show and her personality on the sitcom Girlfriends. Don’t get me wrong, that was my favorite show while it lasted, but she rubbed me the wrong way throwing shade at Countess Vaughn when all she ever had was a co-star role, and nothing more. Lisa Wu– Real Housewives of Atlanta… how does she even consider herself a Hollywood Diva? She could be a diva, but not in the sense of an actress. She should have stuck to the housewives empire and followed Nene Leaks onto the set of GLEE.

I respect Paula Jai Parker’s idea, but she could’ve just been just the director, and casted the likes of: Joy Bryant, Lauren London, Kyla Pratt, Tessa Thompson, or an older version with Stacey Dash, Vivica Fox, Thandie Newton, all women who deserve an award winning role, or at least another shot at it. I WONDER if any of these women were offered and turned it down.

Its truly unfortunate to see people hit rock bottom, and in Hollywood it happens very often due to drugs, addiction, disease, or a flopped film. Had you googled HOLLYWOOD DIVAS prior to the production of this show, none of these ladies would have populated. Kudos to Paula Jai Parker for taking a cue from every other washed up or bankrupt celebrity and making her problem profitable.

My suggestion to these ladies is to catch a flight on DELTA and audition for Tyler Perry. I might not like his movies and shows, but I support his efforts, and he’s making it happen!

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Mountain Top




I had an excellent time last night in a New York theatre viewing the stage production Mountain Top.  It is about Martin Luther King’s last night in the Loraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee.  It’s very interesting, the story of Martin as a nervous man, rather than a fearless leader.  It is full of comedy, and has a powerful message as well.  Samuel L. Jackson, and Angela Basset do an excellent job as is to be expected.  Angela Basset’s monologue at the end is phenomenal, not to mention, she still has that “Tina Turner”-body shape, those (kick-Ike’s-ass) arms and all.  It’s not even a history lesson, or historical must-see piece, it is a peek into the thoughts of a man going through a troublesome time.  This play is only running until January, but I suggest if you are able you should go see this production.  It is very interesting and entertaining.


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