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Netflix-The good, The bad, The CANCELLED

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After scanning through endless channels provided by your local cable, or satellite company provider, realizing nothing worthwhile is airing, just like last weekend, we turn to the internet, social media, video streaming websites, and settle upon NETFLIX. The absolute best invention since color TV. (I wasn’t born, but I imagine the excitement was comparable).

I always watch Netflix when I want to get lost in a movie never heard of, or a low budget or independent film that may have an interesting plot. I recently watched a TV series that only aired 2 seasons. I like watching short lived shows. Some of them weren’t given a fair chance, some of them never deserved it. This time watching a particular series it dawned on me, around the 6th episode that the writers, director, producer, or whomever, thought that the show wouldn’t make it to season 2. It seemed as if they started wrapping up each character’s story, not wanting to leave viewers with a cliff hanger, desiring a second season if there never was to be one.  So when watching the next season I anticipated that they would try to broaden each story, with a positive outlook on getting picked up for the 3rd season. No such luck. They continued with the wrapping of each storyline, just knowing they wouldn’t be picked up again.  At least this time they were right.

I sort of felt bad that the show didn’t last longer, it actually had interesting characters, and the stories were well developed. They took risks, they discussed touchy subjects, and made the stories true to real life. I hate that I didn’t support it while it aired, it might have still been on (my viewing is powerful). The main reason I figured it didn’t last is because of America’s addiction to reality TV. Most local networks air reality TV. If you are looking for a good television series, tune into STARZ, HBO, SHOWTIME. Other than that you are stuck watching other people’s made up lives. Maybe the show didn’t last because of the network it aired on. Does CW have any long lasting television series? Whatever the reason, its gone, never to return again, except if pitched by new writers in a few years, with a different title yet the same storyline. Tune in to Netflix to see what I’m talking about.

A few of the shows I’ve watched on Netflix (don’t judge me, I’m a different race sometimes, and these shows help to satisfy my inner “other”).

Melrose Place 2.0

LA Complex

Gossip Girl (several seasons).

So next time I’m watching a series on Netflix, I’ll subconsciously notice if the storylines of each character is coming to an end, or if they leave it wide open with high hopes.

The joys of Netflix!

Just a lil of the TRUTH…

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Substance Abuse

“…Anything that has substance… we as a people [black people] reject it.”

I heard an interview with Rico Love on Atlanta’s 107.9 and this statement he made inspired this post. He was discussing (as I’m sure many of our parents have discussed) how some of the hip hop music of today is cookie cutter and lacking substance.

I understood where Rico Love was coming from. Most of the songs of today are not songs that will carry us past our 40’s. What’s scary is being stopped at a red light and a 40+ year old, blaring the latest song pulls up next to you singing along. Some songs of today are of good quality, providing good melody, and thought provoking lyrics, but those songs rarely make it to the top, those artists rarely receive a Grammy. Underrated artists like Lupe Fiasco, Mos Def, Wale, B.O.B. should have a bigger or more prevalent platform. Not to say there is no quality music out these days, but there is a lot more rubbish than rubies out here. It seems that unless a song is a crossover song it doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves. We don’t accept the great songs unless there is a certain level of “turn up”. We ought to be able to put our quality artists over the top like we did back when SoulTrain, Luther Vandross, Diana Ross, and Smokey Robinson were in the forefront of the television screen.

Substance is lacking in not just music, but other areas:

Television Programming- Reality TV for starters, everybody has a show about anything. These “wives” themed shows are the ringleader in lacking substance, from the character to the storyline its all junk.

Food- Now days even the organic isn’t organic, you damn near have to grow it yourself for it to actually be considered food. So many preservatives, additives, and artificial in our diets, we might as well eat the package it came inside of.

Clothing- Thin, shredding with each turn, lightweight, overpriced junk. Pay high prices for QUALITY. the garments hanging on the rack have strings unraveling at the seams, lightweight, frail zippers or buttons, uneven hems, mismatch patterns at the seam… think I’m lying? Next time you are shopping, check the hem or seams of ANY garment. Unless you are in a NORDSTROM, SAKS, and maybe BELK, you will find substance lacking attire.

Not being preachy, I’ve dabbled in a few of these substance lacking areas, but writing this post has inspired me to go a little further, search a little harder and spend the extra dollar for SUBSTANCE. I encourage you to no longer abuse substance, beating it down, neglecting it, and forgetting about it’s existence.

Just a lil of The TRUTH..

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Like a Good Neighbor

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We all share this world, and regardless of how much of a recluse we want to be, we will be living, working and playing near each other. That being said, there are some courtesies that we should keep in mind. Living in the city, or suburbs, or even the country side, there are some simple living manners we should uphold. Common knowledge things such as keeping the yard cut and clear of litter, keeping a volume cap on the noise levels, keeping guest’s cars parked in places that don’t hinder other neighbors’ way of life. Some other things are not as noticeably common. Things such as monitoring the comings and goings of different people around the neighborhood. Not to become that nosey window peeking, porch chair watching, over the glasses snooping old lady or man, but knowing when things don’t look or sound normal. Other things such as the cosmetic details that should be maintained, keeping the property value where it belongs. Living in condos, or apartments some things see a little less obvious. Keeping the noise at common, comfortable volumes, walking softly when you live above the first floor. Not running up and down the stairs, bumping the walls, or leaving trash outside of the door. Keeping your living space clean so that you deter common city rodents.

While we hope to live near people with these common courtesies in habit, good neighbors are far and few between. I’ve given up on apartment living. My next move is ownership. Sometimes this world can make us forget the good inside of us. Its our job to remember the little things that can help spread the love to others.

Just a lil of the TRUTH…

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A child, reaching into an oversized toy box, searching and digging for the best toy for that moment. The toy that is most interesting, the toy that all the other kids will reach for in jealousy. The five minute attention holding toy. And so it happens, wrapping fingers around the long fat tube, pulling through all the other playful obscurities. A child holds this thing in the air as if its a victorious find. One small hole to look through, and on the other end different shapes. Looking through the kaleidoscope the child sees different shapes and colors. Turning it to see more shapes and colors. Discovering the changes in what is viewed as it is moved, shaken and turned.
Know any people like that?

Some people waver with whichever way they are shaken, turned, or moved. Affectionately known as FAIR WEATHER FRIENDS. These people are definitely seasonal. I know a girl who took on the personality of whomever she was dating. She drank champagne with her drunken boyfriend, saved souls while dating a minister, shaved her head and embraced her natural self when dating the Muslim. As a married woman will her husband even know who he married? I’m sure she will take on his personality.

This leads me to think of those surrounding us who don’t have a personality of their own. All of your thoughts are their thoughts. All of your opinions are their opinions. These people are difficult to detect at first, they seem to have the potential to be a really good friend. It starts out because you both seem to have so much in common, not knowing they are just agreeing with everything, liking everything, seemingly desperate for a friend. Call me crazy but I like friends I can learn from, friends who experience life slightly different than myself so that I can be exposed to things outside of my norm. I like having friends that I can have healthy discussions and debates with, knowing our difference of opinion or views won’t affect our friendship.

All “Yes Men” exit stage left.

Just a lil of the TRUTH…

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Foreign Exchange

Foreign: Not familiar; strange
Exchange:To give up for a substitute; To turn in for replacement

No one person is the same. Different looks and personalities help to make our surrounding unique. People are all different, and this helps to add excitement, joy, and variety to our communities. That being said we should add excitement, joy and variety to our everyday lives. Trying things that are different than your normal or familiar routine will help spice up your life.

Transitioning from high school to college, and college to the working world we find ourselves out of the new and exciting events of life, and into the mundane routine of the workforce. Spicing up our evenings or weekends (in and outside of the bedroom) can be as easy as trying new things.

Travel-visit the small town a few hours from your home; visit the major city a few hours from your home.
Food-Order something other than chicken tenders or burgers; try ethnic foods; try new recipes (practice makes perfect).
Fashion-Wear something you’ve always wanted to try but never thought you could pull it off (try it while on vacation, those people don’t know you and may never see you again.)
Entertainment-Read a book of a different genre than you prefer; Watch a movie of a different genre than you prefer; visit a different bar than you prefer.
****sensing a theme here****

Just a lil of the TRUTH…

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Exisiting with the Enemy


“In one ear, out the other.” “…like water on a ducks back” and any other common sayings you may think of.

When dealing with a circle of friends, its inevitable that everyone won’t get along perfectly. Something will be done or said that offends or annoys another. It is a struggle for some people to share air with someone they don’t really care for. Mature people should be able to hold conversations and space with someone they don’t really like. In the beginning it may be irritating or uncomfortable, but that’s because negative feelings are still brewing. Once a conversation is had to hash out an issue, regardless of the outcome, being around that person shouldn’t fluster you any longer. It should be easier to be cordial in a group setting, enjoy yourself, involve yourself in activities and conversation without having positive or negative emotions towards a particular person. Even if the conversation is more of an argument and disdain for one another is established, there should be no need for sly comments or ugly looks. Both parties said what they felt needed to be said, so why put energy into disliking someone. Explain your position and move on! Don’t allow it to suck life/joy from you.

Just a lil of the TRUTH…

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“B” is for Bloggers

bloggingA-Z Challenge Letter “B”:

Not quite the creative title, but it works!

Fashion, News, Beauty, Love, Relationships, Politics, Cultural or Economical awareness. Regardless of the reasoning behind your posting, it feels good to know you can tell the world what you are thinking, and what’s better is when someone is reading. Blogging is the best form of expression for US. Often times in conversations with friends and family about something you have a passion for that others don’t, it may feel as if no one is listening or even care about what you have to say. Blogging gives you a platform to discuss issues of interest to you. Readers who have interest in similar topics can indulge in your facts or opinions. Readers who have no interest in the topic, or your opinion can scroll on. The beautiful part of it all is there are no interruptions! Writing what matters to you, uninterrupted, and monitoring the commentary (positive or negative, its all about what you want), it gets no better than that.

It sounds a bit selfish, or even childish, but in a world where we do a lot of conforming for others, we can be selfish in our world. It semi-reminds me of keeping a diary, only instead of elementary “drama” there are more mature reading selections (sometimes, it depends on our mood). What’s funny is, as intrigued as people were in our younger days with prying into our diaries, they are just as intrigued in reading our posts. Interest in the thoughts of others is human nature, the creativity writers use to present these thoughts set us apart!

The next time you are in a setting where people have notepads, notice if you or someone near you sneaks a peek at what is being jotted or doodled!
Continue blogging, someone is reading!!!
Just a lil of the TRUTH
A-Z Challenge Letter “B”

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