Passing Me By

21 Apr

So I was doing some grocery shopping after church, talking on the phone to my best friend, when I noticed a handsome guy. Not gorgeous, not so sexy, not even REALLY attractive. He was my type though, tall, dark skinned, clean cut hair on top and on his face. His arms were DEVINE! The kind that didn’t need to flex to prove their worth. I did a once over and gathered all of the information I needed. No rig, basked full of beers and other bachelor types of items. He was dressed in a cutoff t-shirt. I quickly got off the phone and grabbed my case of waters. I left the aisle only to glance at him again. I grabbed some milk and continued to glare at him. I made him aware of me noticing him. I thought I was just tripping, so I tried to forget about him and finish shopping. I occasionally glanced around to look for him and couldn’t so I moved on. I wished I would have said something to him but I proceeded to the checkout. Figuring I’d missed my chance as I headed to the car. There he was loading in his groceries. Then again at the light and another light…he smilled at me and checked me out and I made him aware that I knew he was checking me out this time and not vice versa. I turned off to head home, wishing I would have followed him…stalkerish I know.

I’ve been trying to be a different me. The old me would of had his name and number at the first light. I’, trying not to pursue, I’m trying to allow them to pursue me. Guys have it a lil too easy now a days so I decided to miss out on this one hoping that he wasn’t worth it, or if he was then I’d see him again…and just incase its the latter, I’ve memorized the make, model, color and personalized license plate of the car. STALKERISH I know!

Just a lil bit of The Truth…

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Posted by on April 21, 2013 in My Reality Show


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One response to “Passing Me By

  1. Sheila

    April 21, 2013 at 10:12 pm

    Reading you blog touched on some similiar stuff, that I’m checking you out look. Applause to the restraint that you are applying at trying something different. YOU GO!


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