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A Change is A Comin’

Every couple of months, I get my writing fever. I constantly think about writing-whether it be fiction novels, or blogging, but every so often I tell myself I will blog more, but when I find the time, I’m too tired to focus on anything and prefer to stare blankly at reality TV.

Well its that time again!!! I NEED TO POST MORE OFTEN

I’m still in the “finding” stage of blogging. Because I love writing, and it comes easily to me, I find I can write about anything (hence the variety of topics on my blog currently). I’m thinking I need to focus on a single topic. Well I’m starting with my OUR CULTURE/OUR WORLD genre of writings. There is always something brewing within our communities, there is always conversation about these issues, but sometimes the right things aren’t being discussed. Facts are presented, questions are asked, but dialogue is missing, thought provocation is absent. We’ll see how this goes. I’m going to try a month of each category, see which I like best and move on to the next stage of my blogging- “tailoring”.

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