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01 Jun

Apparently the challenge was an April challenge, but I will be attempting this challenge this month of June. With summer approaching, the school year is closing, I will have more time to devote to my craft. The April challenge is strategically planned, posting everyday except Sunday, making it so the last post ends on the last day.

Rule Breaker—I’m posting whenever I get a chance, as long as I get all 26 posts completed this month, the challenge will be a true challenge for me. I typically try to post once a week, and when I’m super busy, once a month. “Got to do better!” So I accept this self appointed challenge with excitement and a few concerns.

I don’t want to post a topic just for the sake of posting to meet the daily letter requirements. I want my posts, throughout this challenge and any other challenge, to be meaningful and well written.

Hope you enjoy this month of 26 posts, I will try to enjoy writing more so than stressing on meeting the deadline.

————————– HAPPY READING ———————————–

Just a lil of the TRUTH…

If you want to check out the challenge the link is below.

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