“B” is for Bloggers

04 Jun

bloggingA-Z Challenge Letter “B”:

Not quite the creative title, but it works!

Fashion, News, Beauty, Love, Relationships, Politics, Cultural or Economical awareness. Regardless of the reasoning behind your posting, it feels good to know you can tell the world what you are thinking, and what’s better is when someone is reading. Blogging is the best form of expression for US. Often times in conversations with friends and family about something you have a passion for that others don’t, it may feel as if no one is listening or even care about what you have to say. Blogging gives you a platform to discuss issues of interest to you. Readers who have interest in similar topics can indulge in your facts or opinions. Readers who have no interest in the topic, or your opinion can scroll on. The beautiful part of it all is there are no interruptions! Writing what matters to you, uninterrupted, and monitoring the commentary (positive or negative, its all about what you want), it gets no better than that.

It sounds a bit selfish, or even childish, but in a world where we do a lot of conforming for others, we can be selfish in our world. It semi-reminds me of keeping a diary, only instead of elementary “drama” there are more mature reading selections (sometimes, it depends on our mood). What’s funny is, as intrigued as people were in our younger days with prying into our diaries, they are just as intrigued in reading our posts. Interest in the thoughts of others is human nature, the creativity writers use to present these thoughts set us apart!

The next time you are in a setting where people have notepads, notice if you or someone near you sneaks a peek at what is being jotted or doodled!
Continue blogging, someone is reading!!!
Just a lil of the TRUTH
A-Z Challenge Letter “B”

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One response to ““B” is for Bloggers

  1. SouthernGal

    June 13, 2014 at 7:56 pm

    I try my best to think before I blog, but most of the time I am driven by emotions. If some thing happens to me, I hit up my blog and write whatever comes to mind. Most of the time it is totally inappropriate and I must edit a few times. lol


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