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Cleanliness is next to Godliness…so I guess dirty is the devil

Growing up I took showers and baths at night. I would lay out my school clothes for the next day (seemingly easy since I went to private school until middle school). I made sure that red plaid pleated skirt and blue button down shirt didn’t need ironing. My mother would braid my hair or give me ponytails, tie them down with a scarf or stocking cap-literally old pantyhose. As I got older it became acceptable for me to take my showers in the morning it helped me to awaken for the day, and made me feel better having a fresh shower in the morning.

When I did take showers in the morning, the scent of the soap and cocoa butter lingered throughout the day. When I took showers at night, I’d awaken the next morning, wash my face, brush my teeth and wipe down other areas that could potentially get musty throughout the day.

This prelude is an example of my hygiene rituals. We all should have our own. The problem I have is when there is no daily hygiene ritual. Like -none-nothing-zip-zilch-zero-nada NOTHING! 


You can’t possibly feel comfortable all day smelling that way! Your skin doesn’t itch? Your nose doesn’t burn? You don’t get a headache? 

I guess you’re immune to it, but if so you need new friends, because I’m pretty sure they know you stink. 

Your feet shouldn’t smell like old cheeto’s. Your clothes shouldn’t be sour like you left them in the washer over the weekend. Your breath should not smell stale.

Y’all gotta do better! Get you a simple hygiene routine and start on it now! Tell your friends about their odor disorder and help ’em out.

This morning as you read this blog I hope you make mental notes on managing your hygeine. 

My nose and stomach thank you in advance!

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