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Don’t Make Your Problems Mine

I recently came to the realization that people have wised up and put a twist on Misery Loves Company. It’s a little more subtle nowadays. There used to be a time when people would blatantly rain on your parade because they were unhappy about something in their own lives. Lately, I’ve seen and heard people make subtle comments that leave you wondering if someone is trying to persuade your positivity into negativity “Shade“.


In general conversation within small groups or one on one I’ve heard comments such as:

“I couldn’t eat/drink that it has too many calories.”

“I couldn’t wear something that revealing/tight/short/bright”

“You never wanted to go to the doctor for that?”

I initially wondered  if some people do this because they want to be nosey, know more about you, or try to make you feel bad about “it” but after thinking about it, and trying to bring positivity back into my space I’m concluding that people do this to figure out how you are dealing/coping with certain situations because they didn’t have the tools to get through it.

Try not to put your worries and concerns on other people. I’m sure each of us are dealing with our own battles, we don’t need you to add to our list.

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