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Admiration of Talent

There are some talented people in this world in many different areas. Sports, singing, dancing, writing, management etc…we all have gifts. Recognizing talent, and respecting it, is what makes a general fan. Following someone in their career is what makes a loyal fan. 

Loyalty to different celebrities has become an extremity.  Loving everything about them and not seeing any wrong; Arguing with someone who isn’t a fan.  Hating a critic because of opinion. Rivalry becomes unhealthy. Does being a loyal fan mean you agree with or like everything they do? Is there no room for critique? Can a true fan no longer be called a loyal fan if they dislike or disagree with some of the actions taken by their “idol”. Its almost as if it’s a since of worship. Being a fan doesn’t mean you have to idolize a person. Be happy for their achievements, respect them for their talents, and support their endeavors. 

Talent has no respect of person; At what point do we separate the person from the talent? Everyone has room for improvement, and if a fan thinks otherwise, what are they truly a fan of??

Just a lil bit if The TRUTH

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