Netflix-The good, The bad, The CANCELLED

10 Jan

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After scanning through endless channels provided by your local cable, or satellite company provider, realizing nothing worthwhile is airing, just like last weekend, we turn to the internet, social media, video streaming websites, and settle upon NETFLIX. The absolute best invention since color TV. (I wasn’t born, but I imagine the excitement was comparable).

I always watch Netflix when I want to get lost in a movie never heard of, or a low budget or independent film that may have an interesting plot. I recently watched a TV series that only aired 2 seasons. I like watching short lived shows. Some of them weren’t given a fair chance, some of them never deserved it. This time watching a particular series it dawned on me, around the 6th episode that the writers, director, producer, or whomever, thought that the show wouldn’t make it to season 2. It seemed as if they started wrapping up each character’s story, not wanting to leave viewers with a cliff hanger, desiring a second season if there never was to be one.  So when watching the next season I anticipated that they would try to broaden each story, with a positive outlook on getting picked up for the 3rd season. No such luck. They continued with the wrapping of each storyline, just knowing they wouldn’t be picked up again.  At least this time they were right.

I sort of felt bad that the show didn’t last longer, it actually had interesting characters, and the stories were well developed. They took risks, they discussed touchy subjects, and made the stories true to real life. I hate that I didn’t support it while it aired, it might have still been on (my viewing is powerful). The main reason I figured it didn’t last is because of America’s addiction to reality TV. Most local networks air reality TV. If you are looking for a good television series, tune into STARZ, HBO, SHOWTIME. Other than that you are stuck watching other people’s made up lives. Maybe the show didn’t last because of the network it aired on. Does CW have any long lasting television series? Whatever the reason, its gone, never to return again, except if pitched by new writers in a few years, with a different title yet the same storyline. Tune in to Netflix to see what I’m talking about.

A few of the shows I’ve watched on Netflix (don’t judge me, I’m a different race sometimes, and these shows help to satisfy my inner “other”).

Melrose Place 2.0

LA Complex

Gossip Girl (several seasons).

So next time I’m watching a series on Netflix, I’ll subconsciously notice if the storylines of each character is coming to an end, or if they leave it wide open with high hopes.

The joys of Netflix!

Just a lil of the TRUTH…

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