Independence Cursed

26 Jun

What we all strive for from the time we are toddlers. “Let me do it.” “I can do it by myself.”
Parents want their children to grow up and become independent, teachers want their students to be able to complete tasks independently. There is a sense of pride we feel when we are able to say “I did it all by myself!”

Throughout our lives we are encouraged to try things on our own. We work hard at not needing help, coddling, or hand-holding, through each endeavor. Independence is a good thing, and it makes us feel great. You feel a sense of accomplishment when you’ve done something that, for others may seem difficult. It becomes second nature to do things for yourself, by yourself. If you are one of those headstrong people-the “I’m always right” kind of people- the independence comes faster and easier to you, and it’s that more difficult to accept assistance.

So how then can it be a curse???

Completely independent people find it hard to ask for or accept help. When help is offered, it’s often met by a “I got it.” Independent people feel like it is more of a burden to ask for or accept help, than to just do it themselves. It seems less stressful to complete the task solo or without suggestions even if it does take longer to complete the task. If there are no expectations of others, there is no disappointment in others.

People were put on this Earth to help each other. We all need somebody.
“No man is an island.” – John Donne
This quote should be trending daily. People may need a constant reminder that we are all apart of each other, we need each other to survive (Kirk Franklin). It may take a while for that independent person to realize that some tasks are easier with help. It must be realized that accepting help through actions or even words doesn’t mean you’ve suddenly become dependent. Push that pride to the side!

“Pride comes before destruction”. Proverbs 16:18
If someone is willin’ to do it, let ’em do it!

Just a lil of the TRUTH…

Just a lil of the TRUTH…

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