Gone With the Wind

19 Jun

A-Z Blogging Challenge Letter G:

All of our beloved heroes of the black community are going. Their time in life is winding down, coming to an end, if not ended already. Our role models, the people that showed us how to take part in this world (White America) without loosing the flair of our culture.

The recent passing of Maya Angelou, and Ruby Dee just struck me. These were women I grew up watching on television, big screen, reading their work, or reading about their accomplishments. We grew up with the influence of these people in our lives, and with them leaving this earth, it almost feels like our culture is dying.

Maya Angelou, Ruby Dee, Amiri Baraka, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, James “Uncle Phil” Avery, Bobby Blue Bland, Lou Myers, Otis Harris…

With the passing of our civil rights leaders, activists, and pioneers, who will fill their shoes? Where are our people who desire to represent our culture in the positive light? Who desire to show what a beautiful and talented people we are?

I believe we are out there making a difference in our communities and lives of those in our surroundings. The problem is the lack of spotlight on our positive contributions. With so much media coverage on negativity, we forget the greatest of who we are. As a writer I will make an effort to add spotlight on the positivity of us!

Just a lil of the TRUTH…

Just a lil of the TRUTH…


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2 responses to “Gone With the Wind

  1. Tiffany Fields

    June 20, 2014 at 1:58 pm

    So True!

  2. Lovely Happy New year Song Download

    September 24, 2014 at 10:08 pm

    Good article. I definitely love this website. Stick with it!


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