18 Jun


(v)-to show an act , claim, statement to be right/correct.
(v)-THEOLOGY: To declare innocent or guiltless; absolve; acquit.

Two different definitions for two different realms of this world. The worldly definition and the spiritual (Christianity) version. One meaning to prove something innocent or faultless. The other meaning innocent without needing proof, or “trial”

Pastor Jamal Bryant has received plenty of media recognition for his recent slip of the tongue. During a televised sermon, he uses a tagline from the singer Chris Brown’s latest song, to drive home a point in his message.
“…these hoe’s ain’t loyal…” the line that he spit from the pulpit causing backlash from many people who otherwise wouldn’t ever have known he existed. A sermon originally titled “I’m My Enemies Worst Nightmare” is now known as “These Hoes Ain’t Loyal” sermon. In listening to this message, it seems that it has an underlining point-unbeknownst to him- that he will need to turn to for himself following the aftermath of this sermon.

Why such negativity? Why is this an issue worth talking, blogging or even making a video about? Christianity is a major religion in the U.S. Within this religion, spiritual leaders are held to a certain standard, and expected to uphold respectable behavior inside and outside of the church, modeling their behavior after the Christ.

My thoughts/opinion/questions: I agree that a different choice of words (radio version) could have been used to make the same point. Some may say he was just caught up in the moment, but to be caught up in a moment to the point where you are heard using derogatory language shows the comfort in the use of that language, and leads some to believe that this is a common way of speaking. Christianity teaches forgiveness, Christianity teaches the justification through Christ Jesus, Christianity teaches the consequences of judgment of our neighbor. Spiritual leaders should be held to certain standards, make conscientious decisions, acknowledge faults and apologize for offending others. Understand that we all have fallen short, and should make each day better than the last. I bet someone hearing that message gained something. Everything isn’t for everybody, but who are we to determine what is to be. In all things there is purpose. Personally I enjoyed his sermon, and will probably tune in, in the near future.

Check out the video “Boaz Family Tree” on YouTube. Where’s the ridicule for this sermon?

Just a lil of the TRUTH…


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