Detriment to Our Race

11 Jun

blackprideA-Z BLOGGING CHALLENGE: Letter “D”
Derogatory, Degrading, Dumb, Disrespectful, Disparaging, Depreciatory.

In honor of the Letter D-these words express the feelings other cultures and races have on our race and culture. This is not a post discussing racism or the mistreatment WE’ve received on a daily basis for hundreds of years. This post is about the ALLOWANCE. Our race receives so many blows that we either have no knowledge of or may not even realize. The media calls our attention to certain cases or incidents of racism-Don Imus, Donald Sterling, Stand Your Ground laws, Justin Bieber, and many others. We rally up for a few weeks, posting on social media outlets expressing our disdain. What about the little jabs and stabs made in the office, at the gym, or other places not reported. These small comments are the ones that lead to larger acts of racism. Stopping these jabs and ignorant assumptions or comments may help to alleviate the local acts of discrimination we see in our community.

Often times comments are made, generalizing our race, and often times our people help to perpetuate the negative stereotypes that some of us try to alter. Rarely is anything done about this. There is little to no correction of the misconceptions or ignorant comments being made. If ignorance is stopped in its tracks, many mistakes could be avoided. I refer to this as the BLACKFACE SYNDROME. A minstrel show character portraying a stereotypical black slave or freed man. The image of a blackened face (with grease, or burnt cork), red or white painted lips, would dance and speak using slave “dialect” making stereotypical jokes (chicken and watermelon type). When black people help to perpetuate negative stereotypes, or allow comments to be made without addressing them, they suffer from this syndrome.

Kudos to the women of HOLLYWOOD EXES calling out Jessica-Ex-wife of Jose Canseco. They approached her with concern about her comment of black girls and white girls not mixing. Bothered by her own comment, and not wanting to explain the ignorance of the comment, she gets upset. I’ve experienced people of other races making comments on “how black people talk”. Both of these instances referred to our speech being spoken as broken English, verbs and antecedents disagreeing, extra endings or no endings on words. My reaction to the first instance was calm yet extremely bothered. I let it be known that I heard the comment, disagreed with the comment and wanted an explanation for the comment. I was offended by what was said as a generalization about my race. I spoke up about it, in an inquisitive manner and the person immediately backpedaled explaining how I was a “different type of black person”. The second time this was said I didn’t respond or react. Not sure if my reaction or lack there of on different occasions made any affect on the people that were involved. Maybe the person I responded to will think about what is said before making racial generalizations. The person whom I didn’t respond to, will continue in negative thought and speech about our race.

I feel that we should act in ways that cancel out the negative stereotypes. Remaining true to our culture, but being civilized and humane in our actions. Education (of all types) is the key to this change. Not just higher education, but all education, through conversation, reading and listening, through life experiences.

I hope that my response to people and their judgmental actions and comments help to change their negative opinions of our race. Regardless of the effect I have on these people, I feel better responding to or dialoguing about their feelings towards our race. The conversation needs to be had. I believe these issues still exist because there is no understanding or care of who we are as a people.

We may not be able to change the world, but hopefully we can change the hearts of those around us.

Just a lil of the TRUTH…


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One response to “Detriment to Our Race

  1. SouthernGal

    June 13, 2014 at 7:44 pm

    As I have been meeting new people in Cali, I feel that all races of women should be able to mix. I have met some awesome women from all races and I can tell you that it is very possible. great post.


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