Customer Care

08 Jun

A-Z Blogging Challenge: Letter “C”
Customer service is apparently a thing of the past. I’m not just talking about those who work at minimum wage jobs. Let’s discuss EVERY person at EVERY job. I’m calling it customer service because in every line of work there is a customer that you service. Some people just have no pride in what they do, they have nasty attitudes about what they do, and how they service the customer. At the DMV some workers give you incorrect information, half of the information or paperwork, and get upset with you like you’re the one messing up their job. At any clothing store or department store some people act like they don’t want to be there and like your being there is causing them stress. Regardless of the profession, or job, whatever you do you should take pride in yourself and service and give the best customer care you have to offer.

I’ve been employed by several call centers and experienced some very angry workers. It always confused me how they would allow a person they never met, never see, and probably wouldn’t ever talk to again, upset their life to the point where they become ill.

Even volunteer workers often times have nasty attitudes. YOU WANTED TO DO THIS!

I think people just like to complain. Whatever you are doing, do to the fullest! If you’re throwing papers on doorsteps, be the best damn paperboy possible. Just be the best you can be!

Just a lil of TRUTH…
A-Z Blogging Challenge: Letter “C”

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