Authentic Adulation

24 May

“Competing is intense among humans, and within a group, selfish individuals always win. But in contests between groups, groups of altruists always beat groups of selfish individuals.” E.O Wilson

Keep people in your circle that are genuinely content with themselves. People who are certifiably encouraging of you, people who promote success for all. “we want to see us win”.

Hater—-a played out term that hasn’t lost its weight— people who don’t have enough confidence in themselves to be happy for you result in sad individuals.

Although there is evil or jealousy within both genders, it seems more prevalent amongst women. The catty back biting, and internal yearn for another woman’s demise is sickening. Going through this journey of life, you will encounter several people encouraging of your success as long as it is either beneficial to their success, or doesn’t confine their happiness. But when you meet those who have a spirit of peace about themselves, keep them around. You need encouraging support in your life.

Of course I’m transitioning out of the reality TV watching realm of my life, finishing this season out. So in watching Married to Medicine, I was reminded that regardless of the level of success, that green-eyed monster surfaces. What Mariah wanted was to put her “friends” Quad, Rico Chappell and even her “stylist” cousin in a position where they felt like they owed her something. But where she messed up was assuming these individuals weren’t just that-INDIVIDUALS. Having a mind of their own, they made decisions that were best for them, and if that meant including or excluding Ms. Mariah than so be it. It’s sad that women find themselves in competition, or ranking order just like Dr. Heavenly. Rather than being happy or supportive of Lisa’s event and forum, she felt she needed to prove herself worthy amongst the women on the panel. She didn’t want to fall short on the ranking list of success. She took it upon herself to include herself on the panel. She’s lucky Lisa is a lady, and conducts herself in such a manner (so far anyway, the season is just starting) because I might have politely escorted her off of that stage and into the parking lot. “Security!”

Take caution with those increasingly concerned in your endeavors. Consider their intent in inquiry. Are they interested out of concern or personal gain? “Smiling faces, smiling faces some times…” th_keepsmilincat (3)


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