Good Coffee? Good Breakfast? Both Please!

17 May

WIN_20140517_100859 (2)
Coffee drinker since my childhood days-blame my auntie, I drink it more than her nowadays- I love a good hot strong cup of Joe. I tote my fave insulated coffee cup to work on a daily basis. On the weekends I enjoy a couple of cups while surfing the web, reading or writing a novel. I’ve always loved coffee shops. When I was younger I’d tell my friends I wanted to date a guy who would go to the coffee shops and read books with me (actually had one to do that with me… not coffee shop, but Barnes & Nobles).

Sometimes I get up on the weekends, get dressed and hit the local coffee shops, and indulge in my favorite Saturday morning pass time. While I’m considered tiny in size, I LOVE to eat!!! Why is it these coffee shops either have excellent coffee, or excellent breakfast? I WANT BOTH!!! Drip coffee shop in Atlanta has awesome breakfast, and the coffee is just typical. The name is cute, the atmosphere is edgy-chic, and the breakfast is divine. The Coffee Cup in Fayetteville, NC has delicious coffee, stylish modern coffee shop design, but offers instant oatmeal, granola bars, and gourmet cupcakes to munch. Several other places have typical coffee, and typical breakfast bagels… I’m not into the trend known as Starbucks, I enjoy a cup from there every now and then, but I’m a fan of the tiny locally owned coffee shops.
Screenshot (13)WIN_20140517_085213WIN_20140517_085316
So for now I’m on the hunt for a great cup of coffee and delicious breakfast!!!

Just a lil of the TRUTH…

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