My Name is _______________and I’m Addicted to Reality Tv

10 May

Like there is anything else to watch (especially since Scandal is off season).

Who doesn’t enjoy someone else’s drama. Anytime viewing a situation, and discussing with your girls over coffee makes someone else more famous and lucrative it shouldn’t be viewed as a bad thing…RIGHT??? WRONG!!! People shouldn’t get paid for ignorance. All of us have our guilty pleasures, and for many of us it is Reality TV. Whether you prefer the “Everyday Joe” type of show- American Pickers, Storage Wars; the “Southern Country Living”- Honey Boo Boo, Toddlers and Tiaras, Swamp People, Duck Dynasty; the “Ratchet” – Bad Girls Club, Basket Ball Wives, Love & Hip Hop, Preacher’s Daughters; or the Real Housewives hosted by your favorite city; We begin watching these shows, and can give the run down on each character’s personality, and begin to associate certain things with these characters.

After watching the reunion shows for Basketball Wives LA, and Real Housewives of Atlanta, I called it quits. These shows started to feel petty and ignorant. The rose colored glasses were lifted, I began seeing why criticisms (especially from the black community) were valid. The behaviors of these women were no longer laughable, but shameful. I was determined to wing myself off of these reality shows. As I couldn’t just go cold turkey I would resist the most ratchet shows first. When I sat to think about the shows I could stand to miss, it was almost embarrassing to admit to watching so many. BAD GIRLS CLUB, BAD GIRLS CLUB ALLSTARS, BASKETBALL WIVES, BASKETBALL WIVES LA, BLACK INK CREW, BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES, CHRISSY & MR. JONES, HOLLYWOOD EXES, MARRYING THE GAME, MARRIED TO MEDICINE, LOVE & HIP HOP NY, LOVE & HIP HOP ATLANTA, R&B DIVAS ATLANTA, R&B DIVAS LA, TAMAR & VINCE, TI & TINY, and I’m sure I forgot a few, I only tend to remember them during their season. That was proof that I could bear to stop watching a few at a time.

I felt I could start off by missing the Love & Hip Hop shows. I’d been to a filming of these shows, and was able to seen the editing and direction and the lack of reality in the portrayal of their lives. I also plan on ridding my Monday nights of Basketball Wives, it became a cycle of the same dramatic story with different characters. Unsure of the next show to erase from my DVR memory, but for now I’ll leave the ones that haven’t totally turned me off.

I think my addiction began with Real World, Road Rules, and College Hill. From there each year a new show was added to the list, and from there every evening was consumed with these shows. I’d tweet and text about the different shenanigans of the night, comparing my opinion with others’. My DVR became my reliable friend. Making the viewing of these shows even better because I could skip through the commercials. I’m definitely not putting down those who choose to indulge in Reality TV, but I’m making the effort to turn to TRUE ACTORS in sitcoms, and dramatic series for my entertainment pleasures.

Just a lil of the TRUTH…

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