Woman Worthy of Words

04 May

A lifestyle dedicated to helping others better their lives. A career dedicated to helping better the futures of numerous black students, creating a safe and caring environment in which the students of her school can be comfortable learning, in order to pursue their life goal of obtaining an education and living to see their name on a graduation announcement. Elizabeth Dozier is a principal who takes care of her students academically, as well as tries her best to protect them from the danger lurking the streets traveled to and from school.

The world’s initial introduction to this woman was on the first episode of CNN’s Chicagoland, an inside look at the happenings of Chicago. A look at the different events taking place in Chicago, in the life of Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, the police superintendent and prison system, different families affected by the school closings and the principal of Fenger High School, Elizabeth Dozier. Principal Dozier monitors the students’ actions inside and outside of school, maintains constant communication with the security at the school and the on duty police within the district. The show Chicagoland even shows Dozier reaching out to a past student in jail, helping to set up a life for him post incarceration. It shows how Dozier makes visits with the student, picks him up when he is released, and sets him up in a “halfway house” to help protect him from the temptations in his environment that sent him to jail the last time. This is evidence that her dedication goes beyond the four walls of her school.

In an interview with Mark Brown, Dozier speaks of how she wants people to understand that her school is a good school, and the children are capable of achieving success, that her school is not just a dumping ground for troubled youth. Not once in the interview does she mention herself, or how giving back to the community makes her feel. She is completely in the business of creating positive change for the community. Dozier handles situations that may be common in many other schools with similar demographics’. However, the grace in which she handles these challenges is what makes her worthy of recognition. Definitely qualified for national recognition, Elizabeth Dozier is a great role model and inspiration to many. Hats off to all service workers making a difference in such a challenging line of work.

Just a lil of the TRUTH…

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