Friends Don’t Let Friends…

08 Feb

Why do friends let each other go places looking any kind of way without advising them differently. Women act as if it’s a crime to express their opinion of their friends appearance. If a mere comment distorts a friendship, was it a true friendship, or a “familiarity” relationship?

Now I’m not talking about those eccentric fashionistas. Everyone is entitled to their own style, those BOHO chic, Punk Rocker, or even Urban wear dressed friends do what they do well. Those who dress in unflattering pieces for their body type should be advised otherwise. I LOVE to see people with different styles, expression or personality differences are what make us human, but some people just look like they don’t know any better. If advice is given and not heeded then you tried…they can never say they didn’t know.

That baby hair? She's not a little girl, she's in her 40's

That baby hair? She’s not a little girl, she’s in her 40’s

That Turtleneck

He was on TvOne and had the nerve to be discussing someone else's fashion faux pas.

He was on TvOne and had the nerve to be discussing someone else’s fashion faux pas.


I’m no self proclaimed fashionista, but I am a true friend, and when shopping with a friend or getting dolled up for an event, I would hope they advise me on less flattering garments, as I would do the same. If however you are advised, but you like what you have on then DO It HONEY and do it well, but looks are just unacceptable.

Just a lil of the TRUTH…

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