29 Dec

An approach taken by some religious people who believe that we can live harmoniously in our own faith and beliefs. Creating an understanding across the division of different faiths. Where your opinion might differ in taking this approach in religion, it is a way of life we all should inhabit in social arenas. Can you not be cordial? Is it impossible to be in the same room with an “enemy” and not speak but still enjoy yourself? Does your disdain for a person’s being upset you to the point of irritation?

In self acceptance, you may be able to overcome the hatred or dislike of another person. Although it may not sound connected, the ability to remain calm and pleasant around people you aren’t particularly fond of, or which you may have had an altercation (verbal or physical) is related to being happy with yourself and your life.

There are some people who can’t have a conversation with a general group of people if there is one person with whom they don’t get along. They get flustered and irritated at the presence of a person they don’t like. It is important to allow certain feelings and words to go in one ear and out the other. After the disdain for someone has been established, words have been exchanged-there is no room for ugly looks, sly comments or irritation. By all means you are entitled to not like someone, it’s impossible to like everyone and their actions, but don’t let it suck you in emotionally, it can be draining.

Is it possible to enter into a room or conversation with someone you don’t like and have no feelings or emotions, positive or negative about the situation? I challenge you to try to erase any negative emotions towards a person, put yourself in a situation around that person and feel a sense of freedom when you are able to feel free of tension. And although the other party may not have let go of their inhibitions, your actions may silently encourage them to release the tension that is binding.

The phrase “Like water on a ducks back” is a phrase to take to heart, not allowing small issues of the world to infect your psyche as there are enough things in life that will attempt to contaminate your being. Control that which you can!

Just a lil of the TRUTH…

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