Rechartered Territory

05 Oct

Attention: SPOILER ALERT!!!!

Not a complete spoil, but this post is about the movie Baggage Claim and the “moral” of the movie.

Those empty days, lonely nights, sometimes drunken, most times sober; You scroll and call, text, or type a simple message to him/her “checking in”. Instantly you become relevant to an ex-boyfriend, old flame, cutty-buddy or boo. “Hey you” “What’s up” “just thinking about you”. So little words with much more meaning. These are the lines thrown out and caught that opens the gate to the past. Our mentality is full of hope for the future, hope for change. Thinking that maybe the relationship will work this time, maybe he/she has matured, or lost baggage that use to get in the way. It’s something all of us have done. Not exactly in the same manner as Montana approached the situation in the movie, but we’ve all ventured back to an “EX” with subtle or unconscious hopes of making this time the one that “Works”.

Entering into conversation which then develops into visitation. Things go good for a while, and then you remember that “thing” that kept you both apart. Even if that issue has gone another seems to emerge, something you just can’t deal with. Trying to rekindle flames with a dissolved wick, drenched wood, or gasless pipe makes your love life a puff of smoke.

How often do we return to what’s familiar to just to be reminded of what we’ve known all along. If it was meant to be, then it would have been. It sounds cliché, but I’m a firm believer in what he/she won’t do, or can’t be, there is someone else ready and willing. You won’t be available to receive it when it does come if you are preoccupied with the past.


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