Bothered Much?

13 Jun

IMAG1765This post is an ode to things that are not so much annoying as they are irritating.
* Pretty girls with bad weave
* Not so pretty girls with bad weave
* Bad weave
* People that stare at you
* People that stare period
* The phrase/word CRAY CRAY (STFU)
* Saying anything just for convo purposes
* Ugly laughs
* People that look like they stink (you don’t have to look dirty to look STANK)
* Bad Breath
* People who don’t scoot down the row when you want to sit down (they MAKE you sit in the middle)
* People who dish it but CAN’T take it
* People calling you back to back with lack of emergency.
Some of these things are from lack of manners, money, confidence or etiquette. When you know better, you do better
This being said, I actually am a pretty happy person, but there are little things in life that are easily fixed!!!

Just a lil bit of THE TRUTH

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Posted by on June 13, 2013 in Random thoughts


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