Mother’s Day!

19 May

Happy Mother's DayIt’s been a week since the blessed Mother’s Day, it’s only right that I make a post about the wonderful mothers.

There are several types of mother’s: The Old Fashioned Mother:morals are not swayed by the modern-day living (ways of the world). Wardrobe doesn’t drastically update, it’s definitely age appropriate. The one who wears mom jeans because she is a mom so they must be appropriate for her! A lady at all costs. The Modern Mother: Growing with the times, updating morals to fit the worldly views. Still holding motherly duties to heart. Socialite Mother: The one who all of your friends LOVE! She provides the atmosphere for the “hangout” sessions. She’s the cool mom, the one who lives by the motto “Anything Goes”. HipHop Mother: The new aged mother’s the young mothers who refuse to let their kids stop their prefered way of living.

Nothing wrong with these types, whatever works for you is all good!

I love my mother sooo much, she is truly an old-time, old-fashioned, woman of substance, truth, and high standards. These modern-day mother’s have nothing on my mama! Not to diss the “New Aged” mothers, but mine is one of old values, morals and standards. Here are a few clues that you have a mother who values old-time standards:

She cleans your house even after you’ve already cleaned it
Everything you do, she refers back to your health and future health issues
She’s content with just staying home, watching movies and sharing old memories
She constantly quotes scriptures for every issue you bring to her attention
She thinks pantyhose should be worn with particular clothing in particular venues (CHURCH) regardless of the weather

This blog was inspired by the visit my mother made to come see me!!!!
Just a lil of the Truth

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