Beholder of Beauty

08 Sep

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”–Tres Cliche

(the term cliche is so cliche it looses it’s own meaning)

Is it just me, or does anyone else notice the Odd Couples floating around lately? I have been seeing couples together that don’t EVEN look like they belong together.  It must be true that opposites truly attract.  I met this nice lady, my age, married, one child, and living a good life.  She dresses cute,modern, and semi preppy, her hair stays done, she’s a lil stuck up, but down to earth.  Well I met her husband, and WOW-straight up thug! Gold grill, Sunglasses at night, and every kind of tennis shoe that dudes buy.  My opinion, she’s too cute for him.  Met another lady, nappy wig, and bucked teeth-no lie.  Met her husband, and Mr. was cute! I started thinking maybe she used to be cute, and had some sort of sickness, and the medicine caused her bodily hair growth.


I just don’t get it! but maybe that’s just the way it goes, one is cute, the other is definitely not! So that makes you wonder…if you are with a handsome man, and you think of yourself as gorgeous, or simply cute…Which one is the ugly one???


Just a lil bit of The Truth…

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