Hourly Utopia-Salon Experience

29 Aug

ImageA woman’s trip to the beauty salon to is vital to our lifestyle-well, those of us to maintain this type of lifestyle.  It takes a while to find a good salon and stylist.  The experience has to be holistic.  The stylist has to know you as a customer to style you to your liking.  The salon-building is chosen off of location, style, and internal environment.  Trial and Error is the name of the game.  Trying out a different stylists is a scary but necessary process.  Once you find the perfect fit, you’d hate to loose it.

Well, I had a stylist that hooked my hair up just the way I liked it without damaging my shaft! The salon was locally located, I didn’t take long to get there on time.  The style inside was comforting and modern.  The stylist washed my hair well enough to put me asleep, but the conversation was frequent enough to keep me alert. 

I recently moved, and had to search online for a new hair stylist.  I refused to allow my hair to go through a series of hands before it found the right touch, so I had to result to the World Wide Web.  I drove by a few locations, and decided that they weren’t the right place for my gorgeous locks.  I visited a couple, but the lack of professionalism, or experience level wasn’t up to par.  I found one that is decorated the way I like, the location was cool, and my hair was flowing.  I loved it!

Buuuuuut….The shampooing wasn’t as forceful as I would like.  It was too gentle.  Wash my hair don’t be scared to wash the scalp, get the dirt & oil out.  The conversation was lacking-I’m not asking for a gossiping, backbiting, argumentative environment, but give me a lil entertainment.

It is apart of black culture to hit the beauty salon, get a good doo, and be entertained at the same time! 

A barber shop is to a black man what a beauty shop is to a black woman.

It’s our lifestyle, embrace it!

Just a lil of the TRUTH…

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