A Friend Of Mine

29 Jun

So I know a girl, who started off as a person who I couldn’t stand to be around, couldn’t stand her voice, her style, her personality.  Everything about her was just disgusting to me.  Now, I love her to death, I’ve gotten to know her more, and she really is just a person in need of a real friend.  That being said, she still has certain things about her that irk me.

One thing she does she can’t get be herself.  She is so busy being what the world sees as acceptable, and she sometimes pushes her beliefs off on me.  She Googles everything about what’s hot and what’s not.  She once said she was too dark to wear a certain color, so she would never wear that color.  She uses the term “they say” all the time, and I often ask who is the “they” she is referring to, and she says “you know ‘them'” She won’t wear something if someone else doesn’t approve.  She is always up for the newest trend, and at this moment it is now Plastic Surgery.

What bothered me the most is what she recently said.  We were talking about hair, and she is the WEAVE QUEEN…she said her husband will probably never see her real hair.  Why did this bother me so? I can’t imagine having a husband I can’t be comfortable around, but maybe she is comfortable with herself with the weave than without.  Now that really bothers me, because I can’t imagine not loving myself, and not being comfortable with myself.  Being her friend, I’m trying to help her be comfortable in the skin she’s in, but she isn’t, and I can’t stand it.

She’s just not her own person, and I’ve never had a friend without enough self-esteem to be whomever she wants without a care in the world.


Just a little of the TRUTH

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